Chicago Bears blow opportunity, fall in NFL rankings


The Chicago Bears were talking playoffs after a Thanksgiving upset, but turn around and lose to a San Francisco 49ers team that was reeling. Now they come tumbling down in the latest NFL Power Rankings.

The Chicago Bears were flying high after upsetting the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving. They were even thinking about playoffs. They went into Sunday’s game confident, since they were facing a San Francisco 49ers team that was reeling with injuries and bad play.

Well, things did not work out as planned.

Robbie Gould missed two chip-shots as the Chicago Bears actually lost the game, and their playoff hopes took a hit as well. What also took a hit was their place in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

As the NFL season draws nearer to the end, there is some movement in the rankings. Some teams that were left for dead are now in the thick of things, playoff-wise. Some teams that were contenders are now struggling to stay in the race.

Let’s see how this week’s rankings look and where the Chicago Bears are:

The Panthers extended their regular season winning streak to sixteen. The New Orleans Saints gave them a run for their money, but the Panthers came out on top. <strong><a href=. (12-0). Previous: 1st. carolina panthers. 1. team. 87

32. The Cardinals drilled the offensively challenged St. Louis Rams. <strong><a href=. (10-2). Previous: 3rd. arizona cardinals. 2. team

(10-2). Previous: 5th. cincinnati bengals. 3. team. 56.  The Bengals destroyed the hapless Cleveland Browns. <strong><a href=

denver broncos. 4. team. 45. The Broncos and <strong><a href=. (10-2). Previous: 6th

(10-2). Previous: 2nd. New England patriots. 5. team. 47. After winning their first ten games, the Patriots have now lost their last two. It looks like injuries are starting to take its toll. <strong><a href=

green bay packers. 6. team. 49.  The Packers recovered from their loss to the Bears last week…barely. They were given one extra chance and they made the best of it.. (8-4). Previous: 7th

pittsburgh steelers. 7. team. 55. The Steelers were supposed to be locked in a close battle with the Indianapolis Colts, but after <strong><a href=. (7-5). Previous: 8th

Previous: 9th. Seattle seahawks. 8. team. 36. The Seahawks are looking like the team the NFL feared. The Legion of Boom is back, and they brought a good offense with them! The defense shut down the Vikings, and <strong><a href=. (7-5)

Previous: 4th. minnesota vikings. 9. team. 60. The Vikings look like they are not ready for prime time yet. After losing to the Packers two weeks ago, they got crushed by the Seahawks. <strong><a href=. (8-4)

Two Chiefs interceptions in the fourth quarter helped give Kansas City their sixth win in a row. <strong><a href=. (7-5). Previous: 12th. kansas city chiefs. 10. team. 124

30. The Jets upset the New York Giants to keep pace with the playoff contenders. <strong><a href=. (7-5). Previous: 13th. new york jets. 11. team

46. The Colts’ defense could do nothing to stop the Steelers offense. <strong><a href=. (7-5). Previous: 10th. indianapolis colts. 12. team

buffalo bills. 13. team. 16. <strong><a href=. (6-6). Previous: 17th

(6-6). Previous: 18th. tampa bay buccaneers. 14. team. 48.  The Bucs are playoff contenders? Yes they are. After struggling early on, <strong><a href=

(6-6). Previous: 9th. atlanta falcons. 15. team. 44.  The Falcons’ slide is becoming epic now. They have lost six of their last seven games and look nothing like the great team that set Georgia on fire to start the season. They are disintegrating right before our eyes.

houston texans. 16. team. 10.  The Texans could not keep Tyrod Taylor in control. <strong><a href=. (6-6). Previous: 14th

Previous: 15th. chicago bears. 17. team. 57. The Bears had an opportunity to make a real playoff run, but two <strong><a href=. (5-7)

The Dolphins fired their offensive coordinator and won, so that was it, right? Well, <strong><a href=. (5-7). Previous: 21st. miami dolphins. 18. team. 59

Something happened to the Giants during their bye. They have not won since. Tom Coughlin’s time in New York seems to be coming to an end. Oh, and they should tell the Giants defenders that they should not talk trash about Brandon Marshall’s wife.. (5-7). Previous: 16th. New York giants. 19. team. 31

Previous: 25th. philadelphia eagles. 20. team. 54. The Eagles were going to get clipped by the Patriots, right? Well, not so much. Philadelphia came up with the upset and are now in first place. Yes, FIRST PLACE!. (5-7)

Previous: 19th. oakland raiders. 22. team. 28. The Raiders have lost four of their last five games.<strong><a href=. (5-7)

50. The Lions continue to find new ways to lose. How do you play the full sixty minutes in the game, have the lead, then lose? It’s tough being a Lions fan.. (4-8). Previous: 22nd. detroit lions. 23. team

51. The Rams lost their fifth game in a row. Luckily, not many fans noticed, as their were over 15,000 no-shows. They may have a better chance of winning the Los Angeles market than another game.. (4-8). Previous: 23rd. st. louis rams. 24. team

25. team. 26. Like the Lions, the Ravens are creative in how they lose. They completely dominated the Dolphins for the entire game except for twenty seconds in the second quarter, when Miami scored 15 points.. (4-8). Previous: 24th. baltimore ravens

dallas cowboys. 26. team. 123. The Cowboys are remarkably still alive in their division. Despite having a poor record, they are just a game behind the lead. Their win over Washington was huge for them.. (4-8). Previous: 29th

42. The 49ers would not cooperate with the positive vibes going on in Chicago. They went out and ruined their playoff hopes, beating them in overtime.. (4-8). Previous: 30th. san francisco 49ers. 27. team

new orleans saints. 28. team. 15. The Saints tried to shock the world and beat the undefeated Panthers, but ultimately fell short. New Orleans had two fourth-quarter leads, but the defense could not hold them.. (4-8). Previous: 26th

35. <strong><a href=. (3-9). Previous: 31st. tennessee titans. 29. team

The Jaguars lost in a wild game against the Titans. Both teams combined for 41 points in the fourth quarter.<strong><a href=. (4-8). Previous: 28th. jacksonville jaguars. 30. team. 52

team. 13. The Chargers look like they have already moved out of San Diego. They are fighting with the Rams to move to Los Angeles, and it seems like the Chargers will win this game. Now, if the season can just end already.. (3-9). Previous: 27th. san diego chargers. 31

team. 53. What can be said about the mess in Cleveland? They have earned this ranking. Now that they are the first team to be officially eliminated, <strong><a href=. (2-10). Previous: 32nd. cleveland browns. 32