Thumbs up, thumbs down report for December 7th

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Jordan Campbell’s thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up: Chicago Cubs’ front office

The Chicago Cubs have made great moves for a while now. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have built this team up from bottom dwellers into a powerhouse.

With the Winter Meetings about to start, the great decisions continue to come from Wrigley. While everyone was clamoring for David Price or Zach Greinke, Theo and company decided they were not going to go into the stratosphere to sign them. They kept their heads and signed Lackey to a short-term deal.

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs /

Chicago Cubs

Without paying the $200+ million for either pitcher, the Cubs gave themselves options. They got a big-time pitcher in Lackey without having to spend the dollars or the years. Now they can get another, second-tier pitcher that they need, and still have money to fill other needs, such as center field.

Says Jordan, “Our thumbs would be sore if we actually were to give the Chicago Cubs’ front office a thumbs up for every intelligent move that they have made. That was the case once again last week. While there was a gaga factor to the idea of the Cubs’ signing David Price or Zack Greinke, the Cubs’ front office was brilliant to avoid both free agent pitchers. The two year, $34 million investment on John Lackey was a solid start to the Cubs off-season that leaves them with room to make more moves.”

Thumbs down: Derrick Rose

“I’ve been a Derrick Rose backer from day one. But now, I am looking to turn in my membership card. Not only does Rose annoy me every time he speaks publicly, but his play has become annoying as well. I used to think that the idea of the Bulls’ parting with Rose was ludicrous, however, my tune has changed. If Rose’s shooting struggles continue this season, the Bulls will need to think strongly about a divorce.”

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