Thumbs up, thumbs down report for December 7th

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Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some good and some bad happen in Chicago sports over the past week. The staff at Da Windy City will give you our opinions on who we think had the best and worst week.

We are so lucky to be fans of Chicago sports. Just like the city in which we live (or lived, but still follow), there is always something going on in Chicago. Even when a certain team’s season is over, there is something going on. There is never an offseason.

We at Da Windy City are introducing a new feature. We call it “Thumbs up, thumbs down.” As the title suggests, we will give a thumbs up for someone or some team that had a great week, and we will give a thumbs down for who we think had a bad week.

We will go over every writer’s selections, give a description of what they did during the week, and why we decided to give them a thumbs up or down.

So without any further delay, here are the thumbs up, thumbs down for today:

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