Chicago Bears mid-season report card

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Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are halfway through the 2015 season. We will take a look at how well they are doing. 

The Chicago Bears are halfway through their 2015 season. They have a poor 3-5 record, but there have been some good to go with the bad.

There have been some drama in the first half of the season. The Bears made two surprise trades that sent a message to the other players. Jay Ratliff went off the rails and threatened team officials. Matt Forte injured his knee and now Bears Nation can get a glimpse of life without him.

There have been some pleasant surprises as well. The defense is not as bad as many thought. It is not a complete turnaround, but the unit is moving up.

The offense is still a work in progress, but most of that has to do with injuries. Many key players have been missing with a variety of injuries.

Head coach John Fox is disappointed in the Bears’ losing record in the first half, but is looking at the positive.

"As I look back, I’m obviously disappointed at our record at this point. When you start the season 0-3, you look at progress, whether it’s the o-line, receiving corps, whole football team. The good news is, over the last five games, we’re 3-2. I think we’re trending, hopefully, to do better in the second half of the race."

Let’s look at how the first half has gone for the Chicago Bears, and grade them on their play.