Chicago Cubs Free Agency: Top players to go after

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Ben Zobrist —  Infield/Outfield

Zobrist can play many positions, but is the master of any. Usually, the result is having a mediocre career, but Zobrist uses the skills he has to the fullest, and has become a super-sub.

This season, Zobrist hit .284/.364/.453, with 7 home runs, 23 RBI and 37 runs in 232 at-bats. He also had an OPS+ of 121. He helped the Kansas City Royals win this season’s World Series.

Zobrist also helped the Royals by playing a number of positions. He played second base, third base, left field, right field and designated hitter.

Having a player like Zobrist is important, as he could give a number of starters rest. With the number of day games the Cubs play, having a well-rested lineup is crucial in making a playoff run.

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Chicago Cubs

The Royals have a number of free agents on their hands, including Alex Gordon, Johnny Cueto and Ryan Madsen, to go along with Zobrist. They may be able to sign some of them, but not all of them.

I know some have speculated about Alex Gordon coming to Chicago, but he is a homegrown player, and if it comes down between signing him or Zobrist, Gordon will be the Royals’ choice.

Zobrist also has a history with manager Joe Maddon. He played under Maddon with Tampa Bay, and he was a two-time All Star there. He would surely like to be reunited with Maddon.

The Cubs were looking at Arismendy Alcantara as a Zobrist-type player, but he struggled, got sent down to the minors, and did not return to Wrigley.

Having Zobrist would help the Cubs in the regular season as well as the postseason. He has played in 37 postseason games (including two World Series), and that experience in invaluable for the team to advance further than they did this season.

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