Chicago Cubs Free Agency: Top players to go after

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Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The free agency frenzy can officially begin on Saturday. There will be many big names who will change uniforms. The Chicago Cubs, with plenty of money in the bank, should be in the mix for some of them.

Another season has come and gone, and the Chicago Cubs are still without a World Series title. This time, however things look different. They have a roster full of young stars, and have a bank full of money to spend.

The free agency frenzy can officially begin this coming Saturday. The Cubs look to be major players. There are some spots that need to be shored up, and a couple of free agent signings may do the trick.

There are pitchers, outfielders, infielders and bench players the Cubs should go after so they can make the next step in 2016.


While there may be one or two big-contract signings by the Cubs, they do not need to go after a bunch of them. Sometimes the best signings are the small ones. It is similar to the trades. The Cubs did not make any major trades, but they made some pickups that helped the team.

There will be plenty of players available who could help the Cubs in 2016. I will list a few of them who could do the trick.

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