NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears suffer frustrating loss


The Chicago Bears hoped to come out of the bye with renewed vigor. They faced the Minnesota Vikings and hoped to get their first NFC North division win. While they played well, they still ended up with the same frustrations as they had after their previous four losses.

The Chicago Bears had hoped to come out after the bye with more life and to start fresh after a 2-4 start. They ended up with the same old thing — some good play, and a lot of frustration.

The Bears faced the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, and while they played fairly well, they could not do it to the end, and they gave up ten points in less than five minutes and had another maddening loss.

The formula for a Bears win was to control Adrian Peterson. They did so, for the most part. He had 103 yards rushing, and averaged 5.1 yards per carry, but he did not have any big runs. His longest run was for just 12 yards, and he had no touchdowns.

The defense did not allow a touchdown all game, except in the final moments, when Stefon Diggs turned a short pass into a 40-yard touchdown. After a Bears three-and-out (they punted after Jeremy Langford dropped a third down pass that would have given them a first down), the Vikings marched downfield to get the game-winning field goal.

Also, the Bears, who have had a number of injuries this year, suffered a big one. Eddie Royal went down with another knee injury,but Matt Forte went down with a possible MCL injury.

Without Forte, the offense will be severely shorthanded. Langford may be the heir apparent, but he is no Forte at the moment. His drop in a crucial situation showed how much Forte means to the offense.

We’ll see how much time Forte will miss. In the meantime, whatever trade possibilities they may have had surely fell to the wayside.

Let’s see if their position in this week’s rankings fell as well:

New England patriots. 1. team. 47.  The Patriots showed the Dolphins who the daddy is in the NFC East. With the Jets’ loss and the other teams in the division struggling, the Patriots own it once again. . (7-0). Previous: 1st

cincinnati bengals. 2. team. 56.  The Bengals are 7-0 for the first time in franchise history, and they have their defense to thank for that. <strong><a href=. (7-0). Previous: 3rd

45. The Broncos faced a big test against the Packers and they passed with flying colors. The defense forced <strong><a href=. (7-0). Previous: 3rd. denver broncos. 3. team

(7-0). Previous: 5th. carolina panthers. 4. team. 87. The Panthers continue to win. This one was difficult, however. They blew a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter, and Indianapolis actually led in overtime. <strong><a href=

(6-1). Previous: 2nd. green bay packers. 5. team. 49.  The Packers looked as bad as they could against the Broncos. Rodgers was held to 77 yards passing and was sacked three times. Green Bay’s offense could only muster 140 total yards for the game.

6. team. 32. The Cardinals overcame a 20-10 halftime deficit to win going away. <strong><a href=. (6-2). Previous: 6th. arizona cardinals

Previous: 9th. minnesota vikings. 7. team. 60. The Vikings did what they had to do against the Bears. They were down late in the game, but kept putting pressure on the Bears, knowing that eventually they would break. They scored ten points in the last 4:50 of the game. Just win! . (5-2)

44.  The Falcons are too fragile to depend on. When you think they got things figured out, they lose against a team like the Buccaneers. They did come back from a 20-3 deficit, but they still lost. . (6-2). Previous: 7th. atlanta falcons. 8. team

team. 55. Big Ben came back from his knee injury, but he looked rusty in his first game back. He threw three interceptions, two of them in the deciding fourth quarter. Also, they may have lost <strong><a href=. (5-3). Previous: 8th. pittsburgh steelers. 9

(4-4). Previous: 11th. Seattle seahawks. 10. team. 36. The Seahawks took care of a Cowboys team ravaged by injuries, but barely. The offense is still having trouble trying to sustain some continuity.

(4-3). Previous: 13th. st. louis rams. 11. team. 51. <strong><a href=

12. team. 30. The Jets may be coming back down to reality. They lost their second game in a row. Their defense got torched by <strong><a href=. (4-3). Previous: 10th. new york jets

Previous: 14th. New York giants. 13. team. 31. The Giants may have lost, but they sure put on a show. <strong><a href=. (4-4)

Previous: 12th. miami dolphins. 14. team. 59.  The Dolphins got a taste of their own medicine. After two straight blowouts, THEY were on the losing end of one. The Patriots showed who was still the boss. To compound things, the Fins lost <strong><a href=. (3-4)

team. 15. The Saints had an incredible game. They had 614 total yards of offense, and <strong><a href=. (4-4). Previous: 18th. new orleans saints. 15

team. 28. <strong><a href=. (4-3). Previous: 20th. oakland raiders. 16

The Eagles had a bye in Week 8. They face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9. . (3-4). Previous: 17th. philadelphia eagles. 17. team. 54

123. The Cowboys’ slide continued as they lost their fifth straight game. <strong><a href=. (2-5). Previous: 15th. dallas cowboys. 18. team

19. team. 16. The Bills had a bye in Week 8. They play the Miami Dolphins in Week 9. <span style=. (3-4). Previous: 19th. buffalo bills

Andrew Luck continues to struggle. That interception bug is hitting him hard. He had three more on Monday. The Colts did score 20 straight points in the fourth quarter and overtime to take an overtime lead, but in the end, they lost another tough game.. (3-5). Previous: 16th. indianapolis colts. 20. team. 46

The Chiefs destroyed the Lions with their ground attack, which rushed for 206 yards and four touchdowns. <strong><a href=. (3-5). Previous: 23rd. kansas city chiefs. 21. team. 124

22. team. 48.  The Bucs blew a 24-point lead and lost against Washington last week. This week, they blew a 17-point lead against one of the top team in the NFL in the Atlanta Falcons. The difference is that the Bucs came back and beat the Falcon. <strong><a href=. (3-4). Previous: 27th. tampa bay buccaneers

23. team. 13. <strong><a href=. (2-6). Previous: 21st. san diego chargers

Previous: 22nd. chicago bears. 24. team. 57. The Bears lost their second straight game after winning two in a row. <strong><a href=. (2-5)

(2-5). Previous: 30th. jacksonville jaguars. 26. team. 52. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a bye in Week 8. They face the New York Jets in Week 9.

26. The Ravens finally won a close game! They got five field goals from <strong><a href=. (2-6). Previous: 29th. baltimore ravens. 27. team

53. The Browns went into halftime of Sunday’s game with a 20-10 lead, and they thought the game was over, as they failed to score in the second half. They lost their third game in a row, and lost <strong><a href=. (2-6). Previous: 24th. cleveland browns. 28. team

houston texans. 29. team. 10.  The Texans bounced back from the butt-kicking they got in Miami to kick the Titans’ butts. The defense had seven sacks and three turnovers. <strong><a href=. (3-5). Previous: 30th

30. team. 42. The Niners went without a touchdown for the second straight game. All they could manage was two field goals. <strong><a href=. (2-6). Previous: 28th. san francisco 49ers

35. <strong> </strong><strong><a href=. (1-6). Previous: 31st. tennessee titans. 31. team

32. team. 50. The Lions were torn apart by a Chiefs team that is punchless on offense, and missing their best player. They had to travel all the way to London to do something they’ve done in the United States for most of the season. How did the Bears lose to this team? . (1-7). Previous: 32nd. detroit lions