Chicago Cubs: A review of the 2015 season

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Kris Bryant was worth the hype

Since the Cubs used their number two pick in the first round of the 2013 draft on Kris Bryant, he was tagged the “Can’t miss kid.” He was destined for greatness. His play became legendary in the minors. So legendary, in fact, he has his own hashtag (#KrisBryantFacts).

Here is a sampling:

– 2/3 of the earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Kris    Bryant’s home run balls #KrisBryantFacts

– Iowa hasn’t been this important since Field of Dreams.             #KrisBryantFacts

– He once arm wrestled the Hulk, the loser had to paint himself green.  #KrisBryantFacts

Then the 2015 Spring Training season came. He got a chance to show his stuff. Boy did he ever.

Bryant led all players in home runs. Some of his peers were looking forward to see him play.

Then the end of preseason was coming, and the Cubs did what some thought was the unthinkable — they cut Bryant.

Of course, it was a move so that the Cubs could keep him an extra season before free agency. The entire baseball world was up in arms, even though the move was allowed and plenty of other teams did it with other stars (Mike Trout anyone?).

Bryant was disappointed, but he went down for his little MLB-delayed debut.

Then he was called up and showed his stuff.

Those numbers ended up being a hitting line of .275/.369/.488, with 26 home runs and 99 RBI. He also had 77 walks. He is practically a shoo-in to win the National League Rookie of the Year.

His home runs and RBI were Chicago Cubs rookie records.

It is incredible that this kid handled all pressure of living up to the hype he generated, and lived up to it. It is also incredible that he will get even better.

Bryant led the league in strikeouts with 199. Once he gets to know the pitchers better, he will have a better handle of the strike zone, meaning more hits and more home runs.

Bryant will be one of the faces of the new Chicago Cubs for a long time. This season was just the beginning.

The legend of Kris Bryant will continue on the major league level.

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