Chicago Cubs: A review of the 2015 season

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Starlin Castro benched, but he doesn’t sulk

On August 7th, Maddon talked to Starlin Castro about benching him. Castro was mired in one of his worst seasons in his career, and his defense at shortstop still was bad. The Cubs had Addison Russell at second, ready to play his natural position.

Maddon gave the news to Castro, and told him he would be on the bench for the foreseeable future. He would help out at second base, but Chris Coghlan would be the starter there.

With most players, when they get this news, they sit and sulk and complain, causing dissent in the locker room.

Castro did the opposite. He reflected on what happened to that point, and waited for his chance.

He finally did, and he made the most of his second chance.

From August 11 through the end of the season, Castro hit .353/.373/.588, with 19 of his 48 hits being extra base hits.

Castro understood why he was benched. He also understood that he considered winning was more important than anything else, including him.

“I feel a little frustrated, especially yesterday [August 7] when they told me I’m not going to play, [until] I don’t know when,” Castro said. “In the beginning I take it real personal but after that I think about it, you can’t put those guys on the bench. I understand. I thought about it last night, all night, whatever I can do for the team…

“Those guys are on a hot streak. Whatever they want you to do for the team you have to do.”

Castro went from starter to bench warmer and back to starter, this time at second base. He was a big part of the Cubs making the playoffs. He waited for his second chance, took it, and helped the Cubs win. THAT is what you want in a player, Chicago.

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