Chicago Bears win second in a row, show resiliency


The Chicago Bears beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday for their second game in a row. It was a grinder-type of game. They were playing from behind all game, but they stuck to it and finally came away with the win.

The Bears defense continued to show improvement. Of course, it helped that one of the top running backs in the game, Jamaal Charles, went down in the third quarter with a torn ACL, but the Chiefs overall had trouble gaining yards.

The Bears were down 17-3 at the time of Charles’ injury, then they took over in the fourth.

After spinning in mud for most of the game, Jay Cutler led the Bears offense to two fourth-quarter touchdowns. He was sacked twice, but he was running around most of the game, dodging defenders. The offense was playing without three of its starting linemen and missing Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal.

“I knew we needed to make some plays in the fourth quarter. I trust the guys around me,” said Cutler, who was making his second start after a hamstring injury. “I know all I’ve got to do is get the ball out to them and they’ll do most of the hard work.”

The Bears special teams came up big also, blocking a Cairo Santos field goal attempt that was crucial for the win.

The win was the Bears’ second in a row after starting 0-3. They may not be a championship contender, but things are starting to look up for John Fox and the Chicago Bears.

Let’s see how they look in the rankings after the big win:

1. team. 47. The Patriots blasted a Dallas Cowboys offense that was shooting blanks without <strong><a href=. (4-0). Previous: 1st. New England patriots

2. team. 49.  <strong><a href=. (5-0). Previous: 2nd. green bay packers

arizona cardinals. 3. team. 32.  The Cardinals scored 40+ points for the third time in four games as they destroyed the Detroit Lions. <strong><a href=. (4-1). Previous: 4th

Previous: 5th. cincinnati bengals. 4. team. 56.  The Bengals’ undefeated record was in jeopardy in the fourth quarter of their game against the Seahawks, but <strong><a href=. (5-0)

Previous: 6th. denver broncos. 5. team. 45. The Broncos prevailed over the Raiders despite a bad day by <strong><a href=. (5-0)

atlanta falcons. 6. team. 44.  The Falcons under Dan Quinn are turning heads. They stayed undefeated even though <strong><a href=. (5-0). Previous: 10th

pittsburgh steelers. 7. team. 55. <strong><a href=. (3-2). Previous: 8th

carolina panthers. 8. team. 87. The Panthers had a bye in Week 5. They face the Seahawks in Seattle in Week 6. . (4-0). Previous: 9th

36.  At some point we have to say this Seahawks team just isn’t the great team of the past two seasons. Even in their victories, they don’t look good. This loss was ugly. They had a 24-7 lead in the fourth quarter, yet blew the lead, and lost in overtime. They are falling further behind in the NFC West.. (2-3). Previous: 3rd. Seattle seahawks. 9. team

30. The Jets had a bye in Week 5. They face Washington in Week 6. . (3-1). Previous: 11th. new york jets. 10. team

123. The Cowboys are reeling without Romo and Bryant in the lineup. <strong><a href=. (2-3). Previous: 7th. dallas cowboys. 11. team

12. team. 46. There was an <strong><a href=. (3-2). Previous: 12th. indianapolis colts

The Vikings had a bye in Week 5. They play the Chiefs in Week 6. . (2-2). Previous: 13th. minnesota vikings. 13. team. 60

buffalo bills. 14. team. 16. The Bills escaped Tennessee with a comeback victory. They were down 10-0 in the third. <strong><a href=. (3-2). Previous: 15th

31. The Giants escaped with a win against the Niners. <strong><a href=. (3-2). Previous: 20th. New York giants. 15. team

13. The Chargers suffered a heart breaking loss. <strong><a href=. (2-3). Previous: 14th. san diego chargers. 16. team

st. louis rams. 17. team. 51.  The Rams made Rodgers look human…almost. They intercepted two of his passes and recovered a fumble from him, but Rodgers still got three touchdowns. The Rams have had some big wins, but they could not get this one.. (2-3). Previous: 16th

18. team. 59.  The Dolphins had a bye in Week 5 and will play the Tennessee Titans in Week 6. . (1-3). Previous: 21st. miami dolphins

Previous: 23rd. chicago bears. 19. team. 57.  <strong><a href=. (2-3)

(2-3). Previous: 24th. philadelphia eagles. 20. team. 54. The supposed high-octane Eagles offense finally came through, even if it was against the lowly Saints. Perhaps this game gets the Eagles’ momentum going the right way. <strong><a href=

team. 26.  The Ravens did not do bad on offense. They scored 30 points and had a lot of yardage, but their defense made <strong><a href=. (1-4). Previous: 19th. baltimore ravens. 21

Previous: 17th. kansas city chiefs. 22. team. 124.  The Chiefs come tumbling down after not just losing to the Bears but also losing <strong><a href=. (1-4)

cleveland browns. 23. team. 53. The Browns were down 21-9 in the third, but came back to win. <strong><a href=. (2-3). Previous: 28th

28.  The Raiders have turned from being a laughingstock to trying to learn how to win. They kept <strong><a href=. (2-3). Previous: 22nd. oakland raiders. 24. team

team. 15. The Saints wanted to have a running game to try to keep their awful defense off the field as much as possible, and to keep <strong><a href=. (1-4). Previous: 20th. new orleans saints. 25

team. 10.  The Colts had an injured 40-year-old quarterback, but the Texans had two quarterbacks who failed to impress. The only positive for Houston was <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 25th. houston texans. 27

Previous: 32nd. tampa bay buccaneers. 28. team. 48. The Buccaneers decided to take some pressure off of <strong><a href=. (2-3)

52.  The Jaguars could not pressure Winston into any interceptions after Winston showed himself to be a turnover machine. They also had no answer for Martin, who ran all over them. They are starting to look like the old Jaguars again. . (1-4). Previous: 26th. jacksonville jaguars. 29. team

tennessee titans. 30. team. 35. <strong> </strong>The Titans once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They blew their second straight game in which they had a double-digit lead at home. <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 30th

31. team. 42. The Niners were one review away from beating the Giants. <strong><a href=. (1-4). Previous: 31st. san francisco 49ers

detroit lions. 32. team. 50. After playing the Seahwks tough, the Lions went ahead and forgot there was a game on Sunday. The Cardinals were all over them and harassed Stafford into three interceptions before he was finally benched. The Lions are the only winless team in the NFL, and the last time they were 0-5 they went the entire season without a victor. . (0-5). Previous: 29th

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