Chicago Cubs handbook for their new fans

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Joe Maddon is the perfect person to manage this team

The Chicago Cubs caused a quite a controversy in the offseason by going after Joe Maddon even though they already had a manager in Rick Renteria.

Maddon was with the Tampa Bay Rays from 2006 through 2014. In those nine years, he took a languishing team and overturned their fortunes. Under his leadership, the Rays went to the playoffs four times and won the American League pennant in 2008.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer went after Maddon when he opted out of his contract and got him to Chicago. That might have been the best move in the winter.

Maddon has been the perfect manager for this team. He has a way of thinking out of the box, and he gets his players to buy into his system.

Right from the introductory press conference, Maddon EXPECTED to go to the playoffs, even if they finished last the last half-decade. He wanted his players to go after the pressure and not run from it.

"We should all have high expectations. You should have high expectations, I should, we all should. I’m really amazed when you read about people talking about expectations, people want to run away from that. I think you should run toward that all the time. That’s the best place to be. That’s where the action is. That’s when you’re alive. I want our players to embrace all this stuff in Cubdom. I’m a big fan. The people are wonderful, the fans are incredible."

Maddon has done things like bring in a magician to lighten the mood during a losing streak, and he had the players celebrate every win with a dance party full with a disco ball and Anthony Rizzo as the DJ. He’s also had a flamingo in one of his press conferences.

Anytime the Cubs needed a pick-me-up, Maddon was there to get it done. He also made moves on the field that showed he was out to make the playoffs. He did not have any problems with yanking pitchers if he felt they were off.

If Jason Hammel was upset about being pulled after three innings, so be it. Maddon managed the last two months as if it was already playoff ball, and the results were positive.

Maddon is the perfect manager for an imperfect team.

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