Chicago Bears win, avoid going lower in new rankings


The Chicago Bears finally got their first win of the season on Sunday. It was not easy,  but a win is a win.

The win stopped an eight game losing streaked that carried over from last season.

Coach John Fox talked about how big this win was for the psyche of the team and its fans. “I was really happy to see smiles in there,” Fox said. “I’m really happy for our fans because we haven’t exactly lit it up here at home in the first two opportunities.”

Even though the Bears won, things are still not so great. Turnovers again were troublesome, almost costing them another win. But, this time they survived them, and a win is a win, so they carry on.

How does the win affect their position in this week’s NFL power rankings?

Let’s take a look at how this week’s rankings look:

47. The Patriots had a bye this week. They play the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5.. (3-0). Previous: 1st. New England patriots. 1. team

2. team. 49. The Packers had a short week after a great game on Monday, and they slept through a bad Niners team. Good thing the Packers had a bye week. . (4-0). Previous: 2nd. green bay packers

Seattle seahawks. 3. team. 36. It was not pretty, but the Seahawks got the win against the Lions. <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 4th

arizona cardinals. 4. team. 32. After winning in blowout fashion (putting up 40+ points) in the last two weeks, the Cardinals were humbled by the St. Louis Rams. The NFC West is looking to be the most exciting division in football. . (3-1). Previous: 3rd

56. Could this Bengals team actually be different in the playoffs? They have a good passing attack to go with a good rushing attack. <strong><a href=. (4-0). Previous: 5th. cincinnati bengals. 5. team

Previous: 8th. denver broncos. 6. team. 45. <strong><a href=. (4-0)

team. 123. The Cowboys are struggling without their two best players. Can they keep their head above water until one or both of them come back? <span style=. (2-2). Previous: 6th. dallas cowboys. 7

The Steelers struggled offensively without <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 7th. pittsburgh steelers. 8. team. 55

9. team. 87. <strong><a href=. (4-0). Previous: 12th. carolina panthers

team. 44. I have been on the fence with these Falcons, but I am coming around. <strong><a href=. (4-0). Previous: 13th. atlanta falcons. 10

new york jets. 11. team. 30. The Jets handled the Miami Dolphins in London on Sunday. <strong><a href=. (3-1). Previous: 14th

Previous: 10th. indianapolis colts. 12. team. 46. The Colts were without <strong><a href=. (2-2)

60. The Vikings gave the Broncos all they could handle despite getting killed by the Broncos’ defense. <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 11th. minnesota vikings. 13. team

13. The Chargers won as <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 16th. san diego chargers. 14. team

16. The Bills looked as bad as a team could after looking as good as a team could last week. <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 9th. buffalo bills. 15. team

51. The Rams may be 2-2, but those two victories were impressive wins over the Seahawks in Week 1 and this past Sunday’s win over the Cardinals. Two wins over the teams that were supposed to be the power of the division? Keep a lookout for these Rams. . (2-2). Previous: 20th. St. Louis rams. 16. team

(1-3). Previous: 15th. kansas city chiefs. 17. team. 124. <strong><a href=

(2-2). Previous: 21st. new york giants. 18. team. 31. The Giants handled the Bills in the battle for New York on Sunday. <strong><a href=

19. team. 26. <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 24th. baltimore ravens

Previous: 25th. new orleans saints. 20. team. 15. The Saints got their first win of the season, beating the Cowboys in overtime. <strong><a href=. (1-3)

59.  Something needs to be done with this Dolphins team. The first step was the firing of head coach Joe Philbin. There is no fight or life on this roster. Word coming out of Miami is that <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 17th. miami dolphins. 21. team

22. team. 28. The Raiders still have a problem stopping tight ends, as <strong><a href=. (2-2). Previous: 19th. oakland raiders

team. 57. The Bears sure look different with <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 28th. chicago bears. 23

54. The hits continue for the Eagles. They could not force a turnover out of <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 18th. philadelphia eagles. 24. team

team. 10. The Texans got embarrassed by the Falcons on Sunday. Ryan Mallet and <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 23rd. houston texans. 25

team. 52. The Jaguars did everything they could to win the game against the Colts. Even though Indianapolis did not have Andrew Luck, it was Jacksonville who was unlucky, with their kicker missing crucial field goal attempts. . (1-3). Previous: 27th. jacksonville jaguars. 26

Previous: 26th. cleveland browns. 28. team. 53. <strong><a href=. (1-3)

29. team. 50. The Lions played the Seahawks tough, and they looked like they were on their way to a late game-leading score, but the Seahawks forced a fumble. On top of that, the referees missed an illegal batted ball call that would have given the Lions another chance.. (0-4). Previous: 22nd. detroit lions

35. <strong> </strong>The Titans had a bye this week. They face the Buffalo Bills in Week 5. . (1-2). Previous: 31st. tennessee titans. 30. team

31. team. 42. After an impressive opening season win, the Niners are looking like the mess we all thought they were. <strong><a href=. (1-3). Previous: 30th. san francisco 49ers

Previous: 32nd. tampa bay buccaneers. 32. team. 48. Jameis Winston is learning that you may be able to throw a lot of picks in college and still win, but when you do so in the NFL, you won’t. Winston again had his first pass of the game taken for a pick-six. That was just one of FOUR interceptions he threw on the day. . (1-3)

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