Chicago Bulls Draft 2015: Delon Wright Helps At Guard


In our look at possible Chicago Bulls draft choices, the next one up is guard

Delon Wright

. He could help the Bulls’ scoring in the backcourt, and is a good defensive player as well.

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The 2015 NBA Draft is getting closer as the Finals progress. It is almost time for front offices to choose which young players will help them either continue their success, or make them finally make them a contender.

The Chicago Bulls have the 22nd pick in the draft. With the success they’ve had drafting low in the first round, they may be able to get a player who will contribute, much like Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler.

One player who can be similar to those two is guard Delon Wright out of Utah.

Wright is the tallest guard in the draft this year, measuring in at 6-foot-6. He only weighs 180 pounds, however, so he will need to fill his body in the NBA.

Wright is a junior college transfer, so he played two seasons in Utah, and he is 23 years old, making him the oldest prospect in the draft.

As I mentioned, the Bulls have no problem with those types of players, and Wright may perhaps be another pick in that fashion.

Wright is the brother of Dorell Wright of the Portland Trail Blazers so he has lineage.

At the start of his career, Wright will make his name on defense. He has great defensive instincts. He averaged 2.6 steals per-40 minutes in his college career. While he is not super athletic, he has very good lateral movement, helping him keep the player he is guarding in front of him. He anticipates very well and gets into passing lanes and a lot of steals.

Wright is a scrappy player, so he will put good pressure on opposing players. His height allows him to guard both point guards and shooting guards, giving whatever team he goes to some added versatility.

Offensively, Wright needs to improve his jump shot. He shot just 30 percent, and has trouble off the dribble. He also is not great at getting to the basket and scoring, but that may change once he packs on a few pounds.

Wright’s shot release is low and slow, so he will need to change that so he can create some separation in the pros.

With his height, Wright is able to find open players, so that will help his team’s offense.

Wright had a long road to the NBA. He spent two years in a junior college, and when he started in Utah, there was no fanfare. He helped resurrect the Utes program, though, leading them to the Sweet Sixteen in this year’s NCAA Tournament. He spoke about being happy just to be at the Combine.

“It’s been fun,” Wright said. “I’m glad to be here, and I’ve been through so much that I’m just trying to have fun with it all. I just have to focus on what I need to do better, work on the strengths I already have and be the best player I can be. Everything else will fall into place.”

With his limited offensive game, Wright projects to be a contributor off the bench. New Bulls head coach is an offensive-minded coach so he may be able to work with Wright and improve his offense. While waiting for that, he can come off the bench and be a defensive specialist.

Don’t be surprised to hear Delon Wright’s name being announced when the Chicago Bulls pick on draft night.

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