Five Players Chicago Cubs Should Get To Be Real Contenders

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Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Zobrist, Utility, Oakland Athletics

If there was a position player that Maddon would love to acquire, it’s Zobrist.

Zobrist is a super utility player. He can play just about any position on the field, and play it well. He made two All Star Games (2009,2013) without having a starting spot on his team.

The Cubs tried to acquire Zobrist in the offseason, but with the whole Maddon tampering accusation, the Rays were not going to give the Cubs Zobrist as well as Maddon. The Rays ended up trading Zobrist to Oakland.

With the bad season the Athletics are having, Billy Beane will be looking to sell. He has probably two of the biggest chips with Kazmir and Zobrist. So far, Zobrist has been linked to the Cubs, Washington Nationals and New York Yankees, and that list is sure to grow.

When asked about Zobrist, Cubs president Theo Epstein said he would balance the need to remain competitive without breaking the bank. “We’re trying to balance short- and long-term interests,” Epstein said. “But we’re in a situation [in which] we have a fairly competitive team right now, and we have some needs. So you don’t ignore that. You keep it in mind. But at the same time you can’t just go out and unilaterally add.”

At the right cost, Zobrist could be a big piece in the Cubs playoff hopes.

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