Chicago Bears history with top ten draft picks

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The Chicago Bears have the seventh pick in Thursday night’s NFL Draft. Does picking in the top ten mean they will get a franchise player? We will take a look at the Chicago Bears’ history with top ten picks.

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Chicago Bears

The 2015 NFL Draft is upon us. Thursday night, we will have the first round announced. The Chicago Bears have the seventh pick (for now?).

Does having a top ten pick mean the team will get a franchise player?

Of course, the answer to that is no. Just look at some top ten picks who have not done so well. After a great first season, Robert Griffin III has not fulfilled the expectations reaped on him. Just this week, the Miami Dolphins’ first round pick, the third overall, Dion Jordan, just got suspended for the third time in his career. He has a total of three sacks.

Every draft has its great players and its busts, and the slot those players got drafted in do not matter. Top ten players, though, have a lot more pressure to perform. They are expected to be franchise saviors, and some just cannot handle that pressure.

The Bears have had quite a few top ten picks. Let’s take a look at their history with picking there:

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