Chicago Bears 2015 Mock Draft: The final mock

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With the 2015 NFL Draft arriving in Chicago on Thursday night, we here at Da Windy City decided to release our final mock draft of the season. We present to you who we think the Chicago Bears will (or should) draft over the weekend.

Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears

Well, the 2015 NFL Draft is almost upon us. Come Thursday, a lot of franchises will be looking to change their team’s fortune by hitting it big on at least a couple of players.

After a miserable 2014 season, the Chicago Bears cleaned house. The general manager and head coach were fired, and some players were shipped out and different ones brought in.

After picking up some key players through free agency, the Bears are now hoping they can continue to remake the team and get back on the winning track.

There have been a number of players who have been linked to the Bears in the first round. Early on, it was Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton. Then there has been Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Vic Beasley Marcus Mariota and Leonard Williams.

All eyes will be on the host Chicago Bears on Thursday as they make their first round pick. Will they make a splash on offense, or will they go for defense? Will they make a big trade? We shall soon find out.

In the meantime, we will take a look at the Bears’ needs and try to figure out who the Bears will or should pick this weekend.

In this mock, we have Jordan Campbell, myself and Dhruv Koul all give our picks, so you can see our picks and get more information on different choices of players.

Let’s begin:

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