Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Expect The Unexpected

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The Chicago Bears made a lot of adjustments to the roster through free agency. There are still spots that need to be addressed, but general manager Ryan Pace’s moves so far added a lot of flexibility for the Bears.

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Yes, I know that mock drafts are usually an exercise in futility. Everyone has an opinion and no one actually has a crystal ball. Also, most who do mock drafts do it one way — they strictly go by team needs, but sometimes general managers don’t work the same.

Take Ryan Pace. Just read how he describes his philosophy on how to build a winning team. “The recipe to winning Super Bowls is stringing successful drafts together again and again,” he said. “We are not just collecting athletes. We are acquiring football players that fit the Chicago Bears. There will be a major emphasis on character, toughness, instincts, and intelligence.”

What Pace did so far through free agency is to add flexibility to his choices. He picked up some pretty good players to help fill in the holes in the roster. Some may work out, some may not. The good thing is that  a lot of them, like Ray McDonald and Jarvis Jenkins, are one year prove-it contracts that the Bears could walk away from without any salary cap ramifications.

In this draft, I would expect the unexpected. Notice that almost all of the free agent signings so far were on defense. That was expected since that is the unit that had the most holes. With that said, expect more offensive picks than some expect.

Here is my full six-pick draft for the Chicago Bears:

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