Chicago Cubs 2015 Preview: Expect A New Atmosphere At Wrigley

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How Big An Impact Will Jon Lester Have?

As I wrote earlier, Jon Lester was the other of the two big Cubs signings. He was the most sought-after players in free agency this winter. Max Scherzer might have been the best one available, but with Scott Boras as his agent, there were few teams that could afford the astronomical salary demands he had (preview of what the Cubs might deal with after 2021?).

It was good to see the Cubs win out on a player many teams were after. They showed their desire to get the winning ways going for the Cubs. Lester is a big game pitcher who helped the Red Sox win two World Series titles.

Lester is the number one pitcher that solidifies the starting rotation. Adding him to Jake Arrieta, Jason Hammel, Kyle Hendricks and whoever is the fifth starter gives the Cubs a very good rotation.

Lester has been in the wars, so he can help the others whenever they get in a slump. Having them pick Lester’s brain will make Arrieta even better than what he’s shown, and a pitcher like Hendricks, who lives in the film room studying opponents and situations, will be like a sponge soaking up information.

Lester has already taken the leader’s role this spring, after Bryant was cut. He spoke out when other players basically kept their mouths shut about it. He talked about how it “sucked” but that it was a business, so life just had to go on.

This is the leader the Cubs sorely lacked over the past few years. A guy who will speak up and say what the other players feel.

Lester will be a big presence both on the field and in the clubhouse. When things get rough, he will be a calming influence. He is the perfect guy for this kind of team, one that has so many young players.

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