Chicago Cubs 2015 Preview: Expect A New Atmosphere At Wrigley

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Joe Maddon Will Bring A New Attitude

The Cubs had two of the biggest signings of the winter. One of them was Jon Lester and the other one was Joe Maddon.

Maddon found an out clause in his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays, and when the Rays let go of their general manager, he exercised it. He is considered one of the best baseball minds, and the Cubs were able to scoop him up.

Maddon will bring in a different mindset to the Northside. He has quite a few unconventional ways, and in a no-nonsense city like Chicago some may question those ways. And those ways are not just baseball moves.

Take what he did on Monday. You know, the day the baseball world was supposedly rocked because the Cubs cut Kris Bryant. Maddon had a DJ come onto the field during stretches. The DJ blasted dance music while the players stretched. Afterwards, everyone gathered around the speakers and Maddon, strength coach Tim Buss and some players took turns dancing.

Catcher David Ross played with the Boston Red Sox and saw how Maddon did things in Tampa and he did not like it. Now he understands it more, and loves it.

"Definitely one of the teams I didn’t like with the Red Sox were the Rays and Joe and how they did their own thing…If you’re on another team, looking on the outside in, you’re, like, `Oh, that’s all for show,’ but I promise you that’s the most fun stretch I’ve ever had in my major-league career. It brought so much energy to a day with all the other distractions. Maybe it wasn’t planned that way, but I had the best stretch I’ve had."

Some may wonder if Maddon can get the Cubs revving so soon. To that I submit Buck Showalter and how he’s won everywhere he’s gone. He went to Baltimore and helped turn the Orioles into a contender quickly after years of futility.

Maddon will bring a fun atmosphere to a team that has not had much fun in the last 108 years. Of course, winning games and contending for a World Series will make it easier for the Cubs and Cubs fans to have as much fun as possible.

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