Derrick Rose: “I Heard There Were Some Upset People”


Jul 30, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Team USA guard Derrick Rose fields questions from reporters following a team practice at Mendenhall Center. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

In the past two years, there has been tension building between Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. For the first time in the two years in which tension was growing between Rose’s camp and the Bulls, someone has finally gone on record about the situation.

The person that went on the record about the situation was none other than Rose himself.

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  • Rose admitted that he was aware of the tension growing between his camp and the Bulls but his interview with Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times gave off a feeling that Rose was ready to squash the middle-man between his camp and the Bulls and emerge as a true leader of the organization.

    "“I know it’s been there,’’ Rose told the Sun-Times, acknowledging there has been growing tension between the organization and his camp. “I heard there were some upset people.-Derrick Rose, Chicago Sun Times"

    There have been several incidents over the past two years that would seem to speak to the tension between Rose’s camp and the Bulls. The first incident was when Rose’s brother, Reggie, criticized the Bulls in 2013 for their lack of finding support for Derrick on the basketball court.

    The other, most recent, incident came on July 1. July 1 was the day that the Bulls had their free agent meeting with Carmelo Anthony. Rose was a part of the Bulls’ pitch but only to degree of practicing at the United Center that day in order for Anthony to see that the point guard truly was healthy. Rose did not attend the team’s dinner with Anthony and that upset the team as they were unaware that Rose informed them that he would not be joining them.

    A few days after the July 1 meeting with Rose, an ESPN report suggested that Rose had no clue what was going on with the Bulls and their pitch for Anthony and was surprised when the free agent arrived at the United Center for his meeting with the Bulls. The report was completely driven by Rose’s camp in a misguided attempt to take heat off Rose.

    Rose, to his end, did not personally see the tension between his camp and the Bulls.

    "“I’m happy I didn’t personally see it. I don’t want to see that. I kind of wonder where it was coming from because it seemed like whenever I was around, everything was all right. It bothered me because when I wasn’t around, I would hear from certain people that everything wasn’t all right.’’-Rose, Chicago Sun Times"

    Rose, however, is determined to improve his brand and eliminate the tensions between his camp and the Bulls.

    “This is a new beginning,’’ Rose said several times. “It really is.’’-Rose, Sun Times

    The first step in eliminating tension between his camp and the Bulls for Rose would be parting ways with agent, B.J. Armstrong. Armstrong continues to be the obstacle that is often blocking Rose from communicating his message with the Bulls’ organization. In a time in which agents are supposed to promote their players, Armstrong appears to want to put the onus on Rose.

    "“I don’t do interviews, and what does that word ‘camp’ even mean?’’ Armstrong said when asked about the Rose camp and its relationship with the Bulls.-B.J. Armstrong, Chicago Sun Times"

    The question is that if Armstrong does not do interviews about Rose and does not promote the player’s brand, then what is his purpose to Rose?

    Beginning this season, Rose needs to be the one that is front and center and clear with his message. Armstrong certainly is not the person to do it and neither is Reggie Rose.

    Rose appears to be aware of that fact and sees things improving with Bulls.

    "“It seems like everybody has one goal, from the front office all the way down now,’’ Rose said. “It seems like everyone is finally communicating with each other. That’s all we need. You think about all the championship teams, they say that communication and one goal is usually the recipe. You take away all the other [stuff] and just make it simple.-Rose, Chicago Sun Times"

    Rose has spoken at length this week while at the USA Basketball training camp about being a team leader. That appears to be the first step in Rose taking control of his brand and getting rid of any leftover tension.

    With Rose back on the court and the Bulls having a successful off-season, brighter days appear to be ahead for the Bulls.