Chicago Bears 2014 Outlook: Five Key Players On Defense

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Charles Tillman

Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Tillman is another defensive leader that had an injury plagued 2013. As with Briggs, this is probably his last go around with the Bears as well.

It appeared as if Tillman was going to leave Chicago for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his former coach, Lovie Smith. He left Tampa without a contract and ended up signing back with the Bears.

Tillman needs to be a mentor to 2014 first round draft pick Kyle Fuller. Fuller will be groomed to take Tillman’s place. Tillman knows that he is at the end, so he must do what he can to help the Bears future.

Tillman is a great ball hawk. He always finds his way to the ball, and with his patented “Peanut punch” he is a turnover machine.

Turnovers is what the Bears sorely lacked last season. Having Tim Jennings on one side and Tillman on the other really put pressure on the opposing offense. Tillman went out last season, and the pressure alleviated.

This season the pressure must be put on again, and this time with a third player-Fuller. Tillman can show him the tricks of the trade so the Bears secondary can be the secondary of old.