Cubs Prospects Weekly Recap

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Other than 3013 19th rd. catcher Will Remillard  having a very surprising season the offense has been a bore. It also brings to light that the Cubs shouldn’t necessarily abandon drafting position players. But the pitching particularly the starters looks very good. I think a few of these guys can move along and possibly be a fixture in the Cubs major league rotation in 2-3 years. Kids like Paul Blackburn, Juan Paniagua, Tyler Skulina, Daury Torrez, Jen-Ho Tseng, And perhaps the best of them all Duane Underwood give Cub fans reason for optimism concerning the teams future rotation. Pretty soon so called experts aren’t going to be able to say how the Cubs have no pitching prospects if they keep this up.

A few notable arms for the pen include Tyler Bremer, James Pugilese, Nathan Dorris, Jose Arias, Justin Amlung, and even Gerardo Concepcion are all guys who can pitch important high leverage roles with the major league team at some points, and some will bring back pieces a trade that is needed to fill organizational need. Cubs minor league system is as healthy as its ever been.