Chicago Bears Week 10 Roundtable


After a victory over the Green Bay Packers last week, the Chicago Bears now play the Detroit Lions on Sunday with first place in the NFC North division on the line.

Nov 4, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) celebrates after catching a touchdown pass with wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) in the 3rd quarter during the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for the game, Da Windy City Bears roundtable makes its triumphant return as the Da Windy City staff discuss the Bears as the team enters week 10 of the NFL regular season.

1. The Bears defensive ends had their best game as unit on Monday against the Green Bay Packers. Was this a breakthrough game for the unit or will things fall back into place against the Detroit Lions?

  • Brandon Cain: Their performance improved when Aaron Rodgers went out the Packers’ offensive line confidence dropped. The Bears’ defensive line will have a renewed enthusiasm in the Bears’ biggest game thus far.
  • Brandon Bender: The defense caught a big break when Rodgers went down and took advantage of his absence. Still, the Bears played well against Seneca Wallace, and that’s all you can really ask for from this group.
  • Dylan Burn:  Shea McClellin is now hurt so we won’t see a repeat from him, but I like the production Corey Wooton has shown. I don’t know if it’s a break through, but its a stepping stone.
  • Jordan Campbell: The Bears took advantage of poor offensive line at the Packers left tackle and right tackle positions. McClellin and Peppers should have had no trouble in breaking through against the Packers last Monday. Unfortunately, McClellin will miss the Lions game. But with Reggie Bush in the Lions backfied, it’s hard to find a scenario where the Bears defensive line repeat their performance.

2.  If healthy, how big of an addition can Jay Ratliff be to the Bears defensive line?

  • Brandon Cain: A healthy Jay Ratiff would translate to improved performance from the defensive ends and middle linebackers. Ratliff is a big guy and depending on the defensive scheme would likely be doubled team. Inside run plays would be bounced outside to the aforementioned defensive personnel.
  • Brandon Bender: Any addition would be helpful for the defensive line. His play could carry over to other players which, in turn, would lead to an improved unit.
  • Dylan Burn:  Ratliff is a four time pro bowler so he’s obviously a talented guy. If he’s healthy, yes he can be a big help.
  • Jordan Campbell: Considering a 75% Jay Ratliff would be better than any player the Bears currently have in the middle of their defensive line, a healthy Ratliff would do wonders for the defensive line. If Ratliff is able to take up space in the middle and force a double team that would figure to open things up more for the Bears defensive ends.

3. Josh McCown had the best game of his career against the Packers on Monday night. During the game, Jay Cutler was seen on the sidelines very active with McCown and head coach Marc Trestman. After the game, McCown stressed that this Bears team was still Cutler’s team. Is there any better of a quarterback situation than the Chicago Bears? 

  • Brandon Cain: The best quarterback situation is in New England with Tom Brady, a proven winner, leading the team. Depth wise, Washington has the best situation with Kirk Cousins as a backup. Rumors always swirl about teams being interested in Cousins following a poor quarterback performance.
  • Brandon Bender: This Cutler/McCown controversy has actually been a good controversy. A backup has played extraordinarily well in a Pro-Bowler’s absence, leading to a debate on which to play. But McCown was right; this still very much is Cutler’s team. The Bears can’t afford to have him leave after the season, so he needs to play.
  • Dylan Burn: It’s hard to tell, but the way Cutler was involved in the game gets me excited. It shows he’s engaged in the games no matter what. Clearly McCown is ready if he’s needed on Sunday, which is very beneficial if Cutler re aggravates his injury.
  • Jordan Campbell: The Bears situation is pretty ideal. It’s not like it was when the team had Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton on the depth chart. Jay Cutler is having a career-year in his first year under head coach Marc Trestman. The same can be said about Josh McCown, though, that is not saying much. The bottom-line is everyone and their grandmothers know that this Bears team is still Cutler’s team. McCown is resigned to his role as a back-up and is not the overzealous stereotypical backup quarterback in the NFL.