Who You Should and Should Not Cheer For In The National League Playoffs


Unlike the American League the National League did not have to play the 163rd game.  The NL was decided in the 162 previous games.  Three teams made it to the playoffs out of the NL Central, the Pirates, Reds, and Cardinals.  The Cardinals won the division while the Pirates and Reds played in the one game wild card match up, the Pirates won the game to advance.  The other two playoff teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves.  NLDS match ups are going to be, the Pirates and the Cardinals, and the Braves and the Dodgers.

Now that the Cubs are done with their year there is almost nothing left for me as a Cubs fan to do, so lets dive in and see who we should and should not root for starting tonight.

Reasons to cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates

This appearance in the postseason is uncharted territory for the Pirates.  It’s the first time since 1992 that they have appeared and even won a game in the postseason.  Their pitching has been solid all year with youngsters like Gerrit Cole.  Francisco Liriano’s resurgent season has been very impressive and this team grinds out wins. Also, the Pirates represent the NL Central, so as Cub fans why wouldn’t you cheer for a team from your division to win?  It proves you play in the best division in the NL.  Also, a big reason for me is they have the same colors as my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, so that’s an added bonus.

Reasons to not cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates beat the Cubs in the regular season series as they took 12 of the 19 match ups, so if you’re bitter about losing to these guys all year, they are not your team to root for.  As far as this team goes there isn’t a lot of reasons to hate on these guys, they haven’t made the postseason in 20 years and there isn’t one guy on the roster that brings unwanted attention to his organization.

Reasons to cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals

I know what you’re thinking.  As a Cub fan how can you even possibly come up with a reason to cheer these guys on.  They consistently beat up on us and always find themselves in the postseason no matter what.  Even after they lost their big shot first basemen, Albert Pujols, they still managed to get into the postseason.  How?? Additions like Carlos Beltran, Rafael Furcal, and Allen Craig helped these guys maintain their success.  There a lot of big names on this team, just a lot of will to win and a lot of talent.

Reasons to not cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals

This category makes a lot more sense to me.  Simple things like the Cubs can never beat them and no matter what they have success pop out to me.  Like the Pirates, the Cardinals also took 12 of 19 from the Cubs this year.  I really don’t think I have to go into any further detail as Cub fans already don’t need any persuading to not cheer for the red birds.

Reasons to cheer for the Atlanta Braves

Maybe the most intriguing team in this years postseason for me is the Atlanta Braves.  They have gobs and gobs of young talent up and down the board.  Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Freddie Freeman, Brian McCann, and many others.  Heyward made a magnificent comeback in the middle of the year after his broken jaw.  Their pitching is good, their hitting is good, and lets face it who doesn’t like to “chop.”

Reasons to no cheer for the Atlanta Braves

The Braves and catcher Brian McCann got a little bit cocky as they started to have success.  It was almost as if they thought they were the class of the MLB and other teams need to be modeling what they do after how the Braves do it.  Lets be real here, every team goes about things in a different way.  McCann had two run ins with players after they hit home runs off Braves pitching.  Now, both of these players, Jose Fernandez and Carlos Gomez, did a little admiring of their home runs and apparently McCann didn’t appreciate it.  The only thing that needs to be said here is mind your business and get off your high horse because it’s not like you haven’t taken an extra glance at a ball you absolutely crushed.

Reasons to cheer for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Like the Braves they have talent up and down the board.  After struggling last season and early on this season the Dodgers turned it around with the players they brought in in last years trade with Boston.  Most notable is Adrian Gonzalez.  Don Mattingly goes from almost being fired to up for manager of the year.  The addition of Yasiel Puig helped and this kid is about as electrifying as they come.  Don’t forget about Hanley Ramirez who is a completely different player since joining the Dodgers.

Reasons to not cheer for the Los Angeles Dodgers

With that high payroll it almost seems like this should be no surprise that they got in.  It was a classic case of the Yankees when the Dodgers “bought all their talent” as I hear a lot of people say.  A lot of people aren’t fans of Puig-mania and the hype surrounding this team is pathetic.  Of course they should be this good, look at their roster.

Now, I can’t tell you who to root for, but this is my guide to other Cubs fans.  You may choose to follow it or you may have your own personal guide, but I am an Atlanta Braves fan for the next month or so.  Also, if you disagree at all, let me know.  Just don’t drive yourself crazy over deciding who to root for this postseason.