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Da Windy City is certainly off to a great start. But, as we progress in this modern culture, the styles of reporting are constantly changing. In fact, if it was not for the constant changing of the journalism industry, it is very possible that Da Windy City and the other insightful sites that can be found on FanSided would cease to be in existence. In order to make sure that Da Windy City becomes a household name when it comes to content regarding the Chicago Sports teams, the site must have a presence on twitter and Facebook.

For that reason, be sure to follow me on twitter . One would be mistaking if they thought that I only tweet links to my articles on Da Windy City on Twitter. While you can find links to content found on Da Windy City by following me, I also engage my followers with various twitter polls as well as discussions. Twitter is not the only social networking site that you can find Da Windy City on. The Facebook page for Da Windy City launched today, so please take a moment and like Da Windy City on Facebook.

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