Welcome To Da Windy City


Today is a date that will live in infamy. Well, at least for Chicago Sports Fans. The life of a Chicago Sports Fan can be difficult at times and even time-consuming. The consumption of time comes when a fan is trying to gather all the latest information on the Chicago Sports teams. If you are a Chicago Cubs fans, there are a plethora of sites that feature exclusive content about the Chicago Cubs. The Same can be said about the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Bears. But, lets face it, in this day and age the average reader wants to gather all their information as quickly as possible. That is nearly impossible for Chicago Sports fans who have to go to separate sites to read about their favorite Chicago Sports times.

Well that is now possible for Chicago Sports fans. On the behalf of the FanSided Sports Network, I am proud to launch Da Windy City. Da Windy City is the latest Fansided website to launch. However, Da Windy City isn’t like most of the other FanSided sites. Rather than featuring information exclusive to one particular team, Da Windy City will feature exclusive content that is particular to one city. That city being Chicago. Da Windy City is the one and only stop that the average Chicago Sports fan needs to make. Da Windy City will feature daily content about all the local Chicago teams.

My name is Jordan Campbell, and I am the senior editor for Da Windy City. I have spent nearly the past three years as the senior editor for Cubbies Crib, which is the FanSided site for the Chicago Cubs. Nonetheless, the time came for me to move forward and I am excited to write for Da Windy City. When I am not writing for Da Windy City, you can find me on twitter by clicking here. On twitter, I will provide in-game tweets, links to the articles on Da Windy City, as well as interacting with the rest of the Chicago Sports fan community.

The weather may be turning cold, but here on Da Windy City, things are starting to heat up.