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Chicago Bears 2014 Draft: Emery Should Play "Let's Make A Deal"

The time is near. In just one day, the NFL Draft will be upon us. It is the most hopeful time of year for nearly every team. General managers choose the players they feel will help them win a title. Some need a final tweak, others need an overhaul. The Bears had a monumentally bad defense last year, but they helped themselves with free agency. Now the draft can make the makeover complete.

The Bears have seven picks in this draft (one each in rounds 1-5 and two in round 6). This is a deep draft, so having some more picks would do Emery and the Bears well.

If they do pick up some more picks, who would they work with?

The San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed a great deal of success over the past two seasons, coming up just short in trying to win a Super Bowl. In 2012, they were one play from beating the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Last season, they were one play from beating the Seattle Seahawks to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII.

The 49ers are a solid team. They have one of the best defenses in football. If there is a weak point in that defense, it is at cornerback. They are thin in that area. Picking at 30, the top corners they cherish probably will not be there. They do have some picks to fix that situation.

San Francisco has eleven picks in this draft, SIX of them in the first three rounds. Reports are that they want Justin Gilbert. The way it looks now, Gilbert should be available at 14. Many of the teams ahead of that position are in need of offensive players, so there will be a run in that area.

One team that may also be looking for a cornerback ahead of 14 are the St. Louis Rams, but reports that they will choose Ohio St. corner Bradley Roby.

If Gilbert is there at 14, he won’t be there at 15. The Pittsburgh Steelers will most certainly pick him if he is available. That leaves the Bears in a great position to deal.

I love Gilbert and have said the Bears should pick him. I believe he will be a special player. If an opportunity to add extra picks comes up and it costs him, however, I am all for the extra picks.

The Bears are in need in multiple positions. They can go a long way in fixing their defense (or even provide more depth on offense) with extra picks in the first three rounds.

Yesterday, Jordan Campbell wrote on this website about the trade value of draft picks, with a chart. The value of the 14th pick is 1,00. By trading that pick for the 30th (620 points), 56th (340 points) and 94th (124 points) picks, the Bears pick up two extra picks in the first three rounds valued at 1,084 points. It’s a pretty even exchange, and it helps both teams tremendously.

There is one thing to remember when looking at what Emery likes. He has said he wants athletic playmakers. To go along with athleticism, Emery loves tall players. He picked Alshon Jeffery and Marquess Wilson, both over 6’3″. Last season’s first round pick, Kyle Long, is 6’6″. Shea McClellin is 6’3″. Many mock drafts have Aaron Donald going to the Bears, but even though he fits the athleticism Emery likes, he doesn’t fit the height. I would not bet on Donald getting picked.

There are other defensive tackles that could be had later in the first round, if they go for that position first. Stephon Tuitt (6’6″, 304 lbs), RaShede Hageman (6’6″, 310 lbs), and Caraun Reid (6’2″, 302) are all athletic tackles who are taller (and thus disrupt passing lanes better) than Aaron Donald (6’1″ 285 lbs.). They can also get Anthony Johnson (6’3″, 308 lbs.) in the fourth if they like him.

With the needs on defense great, it is important that Emery has a good draft. Why not increase the odds of having a good draft by adding picks? Emery transformed the offense in one offseason, so if he is able to repeat that performance on the defensive side, it could be a very interesting and fun season in Chicago.

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  • metalhead65

    I do not like the idea of trading out of chance to get a impact defensive back like gilbert or dix. we have seen the results of the bears waiting until the 3rd round or later to address the position and if they have the chance to get the best then they need to do it. if the guys in the second or later rounds are just as good then why aren’t they considered first rounders? emery addressed the defense in free agency and barring injuries like last season they will be much better up front and must focus on getting help in the secondary and that means getting guys like dix or dennard not guys almost as good.

    • Carlos

      One thing you have to keep in mind is the salary. There are plenty of players in the league that weren’t rated as first rounders but ended up as Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers. If you can get a great player at a bargain why not take it? There are a lot of very good defensive players that will be available because most teams need help on offense.

      • brian mckendry

        you guys are missing the point , this isn’t close to being like other drafts, one GM said this was the deepest draft in 30yrs. he said he had rated more 1st rd players in any draft, he also said guys he can get in the 2nd or 3rd rd he rated as bottom of 1st rd talent, if the bears are ever going to trade down for more picks, this is the draft! I would love to get 10 picks out of this draft with three potential starters at S,CB,DT or LB

  • Dr. Johnny Nacho

    Quality over quantity is the motto of many, including myself. Take the Quality starting caliber defensive player at 14 and be happy with it.