Predicting Top 10 Selling Chicago Jerseys in 2020

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Even statues get in on the jersey fun. Photo Courtesy of Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jerseys are the one thing that fans always seem to drool over. Wearing your favorite player’s jersey is the best way to show not only appreciation for that player, but also for the team they play on. While it’s not the only way, owning a jersey is something that gives you bragging rights over friends. Everyone wants to make their friends jealous of their awesome jersey, even if just subconsciously.

With that being said, most people only wear the jerseys of the team’s best players, which makes sense. I’d have a few more people complimenting a Michael Jordan jersey than a Dickey Simpkins one. Walter Payton jerseys are obviously more popular than Curtis Enis jerseys. So this is partly predicting which players will be most popular in 2020, and partly which players will be at the top of their respective sports in just over five years.

A lot of factors go into deciding who will have a great selling jersey. How popular is a player with the fans? If they have a lot of hype and can talk to the media, it goes a long way in influencing jersey sales. If they’re the best at their position in the NFL, it drives up jersey sales around the country, which is why a cornerback like Richard Sherman was in sixth place in NFL jersey sales, and yes, I’m guilty of buying one of those. Obviously their impact on the team drives up sales, which is shown by Brian Urlacher leading the Bears in jersey sales almost every year of his career.

So, let’s take a look at who I predict will be the most bought jerseys from Chicago sports teams. These will only be players that are currently on the team, or at least on a team’s affiliate.

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