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Chicago Bears 2014 Mock Draft

Jan 17, 2013; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery (right) introduces new head coach Marc Trestman during a press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft three weeks away, I will throw my hat in the ring. I will mock the draft (maybe literally) for the Bears.

I have to say, this is more difficult than I had imagined. I have no stake in any of these players, but it felt like I did after all the research done on them. I have a new-found respect for the officials that have to make these decisions.

I feel that Phil Emery will pull off a trade, especially in the first round, and if he does, he will probably go after Aaron Donald. I will do it without trades, however. With that being said, here is my Chicago Bears full seven round mock:

Round 1 (14)- Justin Gilbert-CB, Oklahoma St. 

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I wrestled long and hard with this one. I, like many, love Donald. Gilbert,however, is the epitome of what Emery said he wanted after the season ended. He is an athletic playmaker who has a nose for the ball. He has the size (6’0, 202) and the speed (4.37) to stay with the new breed of receiver. He also has the aggressiveness needed to force turnovers, and would be a perfect replacement for Charles Tillman when he leaves. He would be a great pupil for Peanut’s teachings.

Round 2 (51)- Deone Bucannon-SS, Washington St.

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Bucannon is a hard-hitting, aggressive safety. He is a fierce competitor with size (6’1″, 211 pounds). Had 78 solo tackles (11th in the country). He had three forced fumbles and six interceptions (15 in his career), which demonstrate his abilities against both the run and pass. This is another player Emery is looking to have on the Bears defense.

Round 3(82)- Justin Ellis-DT, Louisiana Tech

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Ellis has a massive, wide body (6’2″, 334 pounds), who should be a great run stuffer, which would help enormously on a Bears team that was last in the league against the run last season. He has long arms and heavy hands that help him shed blockers, which makes him pretty good against the pass as well. In addition to being a load to handle, he is explosive off the ball, and is a quick thinker, reacting well to what blockers are doing.

Round 4(117) – Kenny Ladler-FS, Vanderbilt

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Another athletic, aggressive safety. He is a good open field tackler who delivers big hits, forcing five fumbles in 2013 (do you notice a pattern here?). Has starting experience at both safety positions. Uses his instincts well, he is able to diagnose a play quickly and then attack. In addition to the fumbles, he was second in the SEC with five interceptions, and led his team with 91 total tackles. A guy who can uphold the Bears’ tradition of hard hitters.

Round 5(156)- Christian Jones-ILB, Florida St.

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A tremendous athlete with great footwork. He is tall (6’3″)and has long arms, allowing him to blanket receivers downfield. While in pursuit, he uses textbook perfect technique and speed to take down the action. Has played outside, inside and middle linebacker in his college career.

Round 6 -183(From Tampa Bay)- Tyler Gaffney-RB, Stanford

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The Bears must address their backup running back position, since, as of now, there is no backup running back. Gaffney is a strong runner. He is a physical runner who runs hard. He doesn’t mind taking on tacklers, enjoying delivering hits. Is a good blocker, and can catch out of the backfield. Finished in the top 10 in both yards (1,709) and touchdowns (21).

Round Six(191)- Richard Rodgers-TE, California

Rodgers is a lanky athlete with good initial quickness who is able to beat defenders downfield. He has long arms, which help him with his blocking. He has soft hands so he is able to gather in and secure passes. He usually played at 275 pounds, but showed team commitment by dropping 30 pounds when his coach wanted him to play an oversized wide receiver. Has the ability to play the Joker role, playing tight end, wide receiver, lineman, and even full back. Will do anything to play on the team. The Bears could use a “utility man” who can provide extra depth.

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  • bobportcharlotte

    What can I say other than I like your selections. Like you though, I think Emery is going to trade down with that 14th pick. My friends thought I was nuts when I said it was a good thing when the Bears lost to the Packers in the last seconds of their last game. I knew neither team would beat the 49ers in the first playoff game. So what good was it to make the playoffs if you are not a serious contender for the title?Thus, the Bears have the 14th pick and the Packers have the 21st pick and the Bears have earlier picks than the Packers throughout the draft. Now the Bears are in a position to becoming a real force in the coming season. See what I mean? Go Bears!

  • Gioscianna

    I would like to see us trade down but Emery tried last year and was not successful in his efforts and with the depth in many positions I think there is a lot of teams attempting to move back. So with that said, if we don’t trade back I can see a draft for us looking like.. 1. Calvin Pryor. 2. Pierre Desir. 3. Yawin Smallwood. 4. Carcun Reid. 5. Isaiah Crowell. 6. Keith Wenning. 6. Michael Sam

  • Gioscianna

    Or possibly.. 1. Justin Gilbert. 2. Deone Bucannon. 3. Anthony Johnson. 4. Jordan Tripp. 5. Aaron Lynch. 6. Colt Lyerla. 6. Jeff Mathews.

    • Carlos

      I went back and forth with Anthony Johnson and Justin Ellis, but I think Ellis is a better run stuffer and is more polished. If Ellis isn’t there, however, I would scoop up Johnson…

  • John Colvin

    Unless Gilbert is there at 14 then I better hear a safety called. I’m tired of everyone raving that we have to get Aaron Donald (our defense doesn’t depend on just the line) or our season could be a long one. What I say is if we don’t upgrade our safety position then the deep balls that we couldn’t defend to save our lives and the poor tackling of our safety unit on the back end will be what makes this a long season for us.

    • Carlos

      Gilbert, I think, will be a special player, which is why I would take him. Having Donald on the line together with Allen, Houston, Young, Idonije and Ratliff could possibly give the Bears the best line in the league. Games are still won in the trenches, and with these guys they could constantly pressure the quarterback and stuff the run, and have the depth to do it all game long. It would be difficult to pass that up. The Seahawks’ secondary was able to do what they did because of how great their line was. This being a copycat league, other teams will try to do something similar.

      • John Colvin

        Sherman and Browner are impact players all by themselves. Earl Thomas is a beast along with Chancellor. D-line can’t account for every play which is why I say we sign Kevin Williams to a one year contract and focus on the future of our secondary. Gilbert is the top corner on my board followed by fuller. If Gilbert is gone we need to shoot straight for a safety if either Dix or Pryor are still there (which one should be). Worst case scenario we’re left with Darqueze Dennard as our pick and that’s pushing it to have all that extra talent gone by our pick. the lions signed James Ihedgibo and still have Glover Quinn so they’ll be content on safety and if necessary will shoot for one in later rounds. Gilbert could possibly go to the lions cuz their top priority is corner of this draft. Donald isn’t our answer. I don’t trust his undersized body against the big guards of our league (easily moved by double teams rings in my ears). I say Gilbert, Dix, or Pryor should be the pick. We shouldn’t wait for starter capable safeties in the 2nd/3rd rounds when top safety ability is there for the taking in the 1st. We can’t ignore our secondary forever and expect to get away with it. We’re too old or too incumbent to in our defensive backfield and now in this draft that is so deep on corner and safety is the perfect time to strike fast and hard. I wouldn’t be mad seeing two safeties with our first two picks. Pryor and Brooks would be perfect together on the field with the top hitter in the box and a underestimated ball hawk playing center field. I’m not saying brooks has Ed Reed ability but will be more than we can ask for in a second round pick that in my mind should be a pick taken towards the ending of the first round.

  • DiscountPCRepair SATX

    I am with you on 1st and 2nd rounds:
    1) Justin Gilbert, CB, OK State
    2) Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State
    3) Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    4) AJ McCarron, QB, Bama
    5) Dri Archer, WR/RB, Kent State

  • Eddie Currie

    Corner is just too deep to take one at 14. Donald and C.J. Mosely are the top two targets, and, unfortunately, so are Pryor and Clinton-Dix since Bucannon will most likely be gone by the time the Bears pick in the 2nd. I’ll concede that Gilbert is a freak athlete and a physical specimen, but Dennard and Fuller are just better football players. Give me either one ahead of Gilbert.
    1. Aaron Donald, DT; C.J. Mosely, LB
    2. Deone Bucannon, SS; Trent Murphy, DE/OLB
    3. Rashaad Reynolds, CB; Terrence Brooks, FS
    4. Caraun Reid, DT; Chris Smith, DE
    5. Jordan Tripp, LB; Dri Archer, RB/WR
    6. Tyler Gaffney, RB; Jason Bromley, DT
    6. Brandon Thomas, T/G, Larry Webster, DE/TE

    • Carlos

      I just think there is Gilbert, then every other corner. He is going to be special. Add to that the fact he can be a great returner as well. Perfect replacement for Hester.