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Aug 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Cleveland brown players Christian Yount safety (57) Punter Spencer Lanning (5) and full back Brad Smelley during the flag ceremony before the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Behind Enemy Lines: Cleveland Browns

The Chicago Bears play the Cleveland Browns tonight in the finale of the pre-season.

In anticipation of tonight’s pre-season finale between the Bears and Browns, Da Windy City participated in a “Behind Enemy Lines” series with local Cleveland Fansided site, Factory of Sadness.

Here is a link to the Bears’ portion of the series featured on Factory of Sadness.

As for the Browns, the team is facing what is expected to be a difficult season with a new coaching staff in place. Here is what Jared Mueller had to say about the Browns in response to questions asked by Da Windy City.

1. Brandon Weeden and former Bear Jason Campbell were involved in a quarterback competition this pre-season. Weeden has won the position, but will the second-year quarterback be placed on a leash this season? 

The new regime will allow Weeden every chance to fail. They have a general “young is good” philosophy so pulling him for Campbell doesn’t make sense. If Weeden can’t make it this year they have traded for an extra 3rd and 4th round pick in next years draft giving them more assets to trade up in the draft next year if needed. His leash will be long as his arm fits new OC Norv Turner’s offense and they will want to set a trend for their offense.

2. Like the Bears, the Browns hired a new coach this season. How has Rob Chudzinski fared in his first off-season as the Browns’ head coach? 

The biggest difference that “Chud” has made this off-season has been in his energy. The Browns have been engaged in practice, pushing each other for success and showing excitement about the game of football. The Browns have been a read and react team for a long time, so an aggressive attacking offense and defense is just what the players and fans want to see. Similar to baseball teams who go from player friendly coaches to more task master ones, the Browns have found the perfect change of pace coach.

3. Kellen Davis was always hyped in Chicago as being the next top tight end in the NFL. When given that opportunity, Davis literally stumbled and fumbled it away. How has he looked in the pre-season with the Browns? 
Davis has been persona non grata this off-season. The odds of Davis making an extreme impact this year. Davis may be used in blocking situations or as a lead blocker but as a pass catcher its doubtful. Jordan Cameron has seized the starting position and should see most of the snaps. Turner and Chud will want to put more WRs on the field to spread the field and give Weeden options and open running lanes for Trent Richardson.

4. Seeing the rapid growth of the Cincinnati Bengals, has there been any hope among the Browns’ fan-base that the team can formulate success by following a similar blueprint? 

 The Bengals are a good example for the Browns to look at. Their turn around has been more extreme than expected. Currently the Bengals are seen as a great defensive team with offensive weapons but a limited quarterback. Browns fans have achieved “Learned Helplessness” and have limited aspirations for this season or a turn around. The hope is that the team is building a great roster but they are aware that a star quarterback is necessary to make the turn around complete.

5. How stable is the Browns’ ownership? Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam is facing multiple lawsuits and is also the focus of a federal investigation. Has this story impacted the Browns in anyway on the field? 

While the Jimmy Haslam story is a big deal the overwhelming feeling is that it will not impact the team. The backup plan is for his father to take over the team. So far we haven’t seen any impact on the team on the field. They spent some money in the off-season, Haslam has been on the field as often as expected and the team has focused questions and energy on the team. The overhaul of the Berea offices and the game day experiences says that the team is not holding back spending due to the legal costs.

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