Jun 8, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks ice crew girls clean the hats up off the ice after a game-winning goal by right wing Patrick Kane (not pictured) after game five of the Western Conference finals of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Los Angeles Kings at the United Center. The Blackhawks won 4-3 to win the series four games to one. Mandatory Credit: Scott Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 Reasons Because It's The Cup

After last night’s disappointing loss by the Chicago Blackhawks, there is a need for some comedic relief.

One of the more popular campaigns for the Stanley Cup is the campaign with the slogan “because it’s the cup”. That is why no time is better than for the top 10 “because it’s the cup” reasons.

10. Going To Buffalo Wild Wings for An Early Dinner

  • Buffalo Wild Wings has become a popular place for sports fans to embark upon and watch the latest sporting events. Typically, early dinners are best associated with the elderly; but everything is thrown out of the book when the Blackhawks are on. Trying to find a table at Buffalo Wild Wings at the beginning of the Blackhawks game is like trying to find person old enough to remember the last time the Cubs’ won the world series–it’s not going to happen.

9. Making Pirate Bandannas to Support The Blackhawks 

  • Now, I am not a crafty individual. However, I work at summer camp as a camp counselor. During the day, we often do a craft. The theme for this week is Pirates’ week. On Monday, we were making Pirates’ bandannas. No matter how poor your artistic skills are, add some red and black to go along with a Blackhawks’ logo and you have become the next Da Vinci.

8. Feuds With Neighbors 

  • When the Detroit Red Wings went up 3 games to 1 against the Blackhawks, my neighbor’s Red Wings’ flag hanging over his garage became much more noticeable. Though, the neighbor to the left of me, remained confident and his Blackhawks’ flag was flying firmly over his garage. When the Blackhawks won the series, the neighbor to the left of me stood proudly on his driveway watching my other neighbor try to take down his Red Wings’ flag quietly in the night.

7. Zombie Apocalypse 

  • The Blackhawks’ game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Boston Bruins was a marathon of a game. So much so that it went into the early hours of the next day. The Blackhawks won that game, though, the next day everyone succeeded in their re-enactment of the walking dead.

6. Inability to Remove Blackhawks’ gear

  • No matter where you go around the city of Chicago, there likely is going to be at least one individual wearing some sort of Blackhawk’s apparel. Over the weekend, my uncle visited from Michigan and was wearing his Chris Chelios Blackhawks’ sweater. My stepfather joked that my uncle was going to cut the grass while wearing that sweater. My uncle didn’t, but it was tough for him to take it off.

5. Twitter Feud With Mascots 

  • WWE superstar CM Punk is an avid Chicago Blackhawks’ fan. Punk has been at nearly every Blackhawks’ home playoff game and has also been very active on twitter. Active to the point in where Punk started a twitter feud with the Los Angeles Kings’ mascot. Punk ultimately got the last laugh with the Kings’ mascot as the Blackhawks’ advanced to the Stanley Cup finals.

4. Punk’s Wrestling Gear and Prediction 

  • Speaking of Punk, the wrestler returned on Sunday to WWE programming. When the wrestler returned, Punk was donning wrestling gear that was themed after the Blackhawks. During his return match, which was in Chicago, Punk also shouted “Blackhawks in seven” while performing a maneuver.

3.  Pickup Lines 

  • Pickup lines are often cheesy. However, the Blackhawks’ provide a perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a relationship. Or even for those individuals that are in a relationship. Don’t waste time by making small talk, jump right into the Blackhawks and show the person you’re interested in that you two have at least one thing in common.

2. Breaking Amish 

  • This is always the time when many people become familiar with their Amish selves. By this point in time in the Stanley Cup playoffs, playoff beards become very scruffy and the people struggle to look like they normally do. Don’t like the beard? Neither do I, but I wear it because it’s the cup.

1. Chelsea Dagger Is Everyone’s Favorite Song 

  • Forget thrift shop or any hopelessly romantic song that Taylor Swift performs, there is only one true favorite song for every Blackhawks’ song. That song is Chelsea Dagger. Whether it is in the car; in the bedroom; in the bathroom; there never is a time where listening to Chelsea Dagger is not appropriate.

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