Chicago Bulls: Strengths and weaknesses of Coby White

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The Chicago Bulls held onto the seventh overall pick and selected Coby White. The combo guard fills an important need for Chicago’s potential rebuild.

The Chicago Bulls had one thing to do the night of the 2019 NBA Draft, and one thing only. The team had to not screw up. The front office has deservedly been under fire for years now. Looking at the team’s current roster, it looks very similar to 2018. The one glaring difference is the hope that Coby White can be the point guard the Bulls desperately need.

Leading up to the Draft, many rumors were floating around about the Chicago Bulls. First of all, it was reported that the Bulls were willing to trade anyone on the roster except Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. There were rumors that the Bulls wanted to trade out of the seventh spot too. Darius Garland seemed to be the player they liked the most outside of the top three options.

I recently wrote that the Bulls needed to be patient. Garland is going to be a good pro, but moving up to get him did not seem worth it to me. I foresee Garland and White having similar careers actually in the sense that both have a small chance of being superstars, but both should become stars. The cost to move up to get Garland would have likely been to high.

Another aspect I discussed was the rumored three-way trade that was in the works regarding the Bulls, Pelicans and Lakers. In that trade, the Bulls would have sent away the seventh overall pick, received the fourth pick and swapped Zach LaVine for Lonzo Ball. Again, this trade made little sense to me. Ball has not proven to be anything special. He still has time and should have a successful career, but one could say the same of LaVine.

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Personally, I like the combination of Coby White and Zach LaVine over Lonzo Ball and any player they would have selected at number four. Like all players though, Coby White has both strengths and weaknesses to his game.

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