Chicago Bears: Tarik Cohen is the most exciting player on the offense

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Chicago Bears, Tarik Cohen

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)


The Chicago Bears have had many exciting players throughout the team’s history. Tarik Cohen is making a case to be named among them.

I was sitting at a child’s birthday party with one of my buddies when the Chicago Bears drafted Tarik Cohen in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. My initial response was, who? Then I saw the highlight reel on ESPN. My buddy and I looked at one another and were in awe by how well this little running back out of North Carolina A & T ran the football.

He was speedy and shifty and he even seemed to have decent power for his size. He looked to be the perfect complimentary piece to Jordan Howard. A Batman and Robin duo in the making. I remember seeing him do his backflip where he catches two footballs in midair. Not a great football trait, but definitely more exciting than Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a swimming pool.

Cohen has been electrifying for the Bears. He should have seen more touches his rookie season, but John Fox has a history of not trusting rookies. Even with limited touches, Cohen finished the season with 723 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns.

Ryan Pace clearly saw something in Tarik Cohen that not many others saw. This shifty little running back out of a nowhere type school was drafted in the fourth round. Typically you would not see a running back in that situation be drafted that high. However, Pace envisioned Cohen as a gamechanger and so far, Pace has been right.

The Bears running back trio is more talented in 2019 than it has been in years, but I fully expect Cohen to perform as well, if not better than he did last season.

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