Michael Jordan Answers The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

When Derek Jeter did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently, he challenged NBA great and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan. David Beckham and Ray Allen also challenged him. Well, Jordan never met a challenge he wouldn’t beat, so he did his part.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a clever way to raise funds for ALS (or Lou Gherig’s Disease) research. When a person gets challenged, he or she either gets a bucket full of ice water dumped on him or her, or just make a donation.

There are a few variations on how much to donate, but the majority of the time, if you dump the ice water, you donate $10. If you just decide to write a check, you pay $100.

Of course, celebrities took it over, and the challenge went viral.

Just as with everything that has to do with Jordan, when he does something, he does it big. That bucket had a LOT of ice!

Jordan challenged his former coach and current New York Knicks President Phil Jackson and his Dream Team teammates. That’s the original and best Dream Team.

Several Chicago Blackhawks players and coach Joel Quenville have already taken the challenge, and Chicago Bears coach also did it.

As of Tuesday, $32.5 million was raised for ALS.





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