Practice Jerseys count, as long as there's a name on the back.

Show Us Your Jersey and Hat Collection

For me personally, nothing is as awesome as picking up a new jersey or hat. Even though my wallet doesn’t like it when I buy a new jersey or hat, I still love when I get a package and know I’m opening up another awesome jersey. I guess you can say I have an addiction. With my latest pick ups, I now have 12 jerseys and 22 hats which I wear. There are other jerseys and hats that I don’t wear due to size, wear and tear or other reasons that keep me from wearing it. With that being said, the team at Da Windy City would love to see which jerseys, hats and shirts you all own.

You have three options, one is to take a video of the articles and post it on a video sharing site like YouTube, then post the link in the comment section below. Make sure to have all items ready at the beginning of the video, otherwise you’ll be be making yourself crazy by forgetting your favorite jersey.

Your next option would be to take pictures of your items and put them into an image sharing album, like I will be doing. I use Imgur, but if you happen to use an image sharing site that you prefer, go right ahead.

Finally, you can just write out a list below and describe what you own in the comment section below.

Don’t forget, include any non-Chicago jersey or hat you own as well. I will be.

Speaking of mine, here is my collection. Now show us what you own, and of course wear it with pride.

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