Chicago Cubs Going To Next Level In Rebuilding Plan

For the Chicago Cubs, it seems the time is now. After gutting the farm system and building it up again, and after almost three very difficult years of watching very bad baseball on the North side of Chicago, Theo Epstein and company look to press on the accelerator and get the Cubs vehicle running again.

The Cubs have gone from acquiring and grooming young prospects to calling them up and seeing what they can do. They have called up Arismendy Alcantara, Kyle Hendricks, and Javier Baez. They also may bring Jorge Soler and Kris Bryant up as well. We’ll see them play alongside All Stars Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro.

The Cubs are also looking to add some veteran pitchers. They claimed Cole Hamels off of irrevocable waivers. They added Felix Doubront and Jacob Turner.

The Chicago Cubs are now on the next level of their rebuilding plan. Most fans have stayed with them through all this losing. There is a plan and Epstein and Jed Hoyer asked for patience, and it looks like that patience is getting close to being rewarded.

At this point, the piling up of losses is not a concern anymore. We are seeing what Baez and the other prospects are about. After hearing about their minor league exploits, the time is now for the fans to see it.

Don’t expect the Cubs to bring home a World Series title next season, but their will be progress. It is all a process.

Remember, too, that the Cubs are about to end their television contract with WGN-TV. They are looking to receive more than the $250,000 per game they currently receive from WGN. They are already receiving $500,000 per game from CSN.

The Cubs’ contract with CSN runs through 2019, and there is speculation that they could team up with FOX Sports and create a team-branded channel that would then bring in the really big money for the team.

What does this all mean? The Cubs would have more money to go out and sign top-quality players to field a yearly contending team. Then perhaps there could be a celebration that is over 100 years in the making, and finally get rid of the “lovable losers” label.

Just keep sticking to the plan, Theo.

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