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Roger Goodell, The Coward Of The NFL

Lets talk about the coward that is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

On Thursday, Goodell delivered a punch to the gut of every NFL fan. The blow came when the NFL announced that Ray Rice would be suspended for two games after a video surfaced of Rice not only striking his now wife but dragging her out an elevator as if she was nothing more than a piece of meat.

Two games for domestic abuse.

In a league where players are suspended the minimum four games for the use of marijuana and adderall, Goodell decided that the number for domestic abuse is two games.

Two games for a crime that could be considered a felony and four games for the use of a drug that is now legalized in a handful of states for recreational use.

With his decision on Thursday, Goodell proved that he is not only the worst commissioner in all of professional sports but that he does not give a single iota about the the players or the fans of the NFL. The only thing that concerns Goodell is making money. The day that the NFL stops making money is the day that Goodell will get off his high horse and not be afraid to stand out in favor of the moral decision.

The Rice situation was the perfect opportunity for Goodell to take the moral high ground and prove that the NFL is not a machine that only cares about money. Goodell could have easily received praised for his firm handling of Rice that would have been similar to how Adam Silver received praised for his instant and firm handling of racist Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling.

In this modern day era, there is no place for racism or physically abusing women–or anyone for that matter.

Goodell could have suspended Rice for eight games and there would have been no repercussions from his decision. The NFL Players Association would not have argued the suspension as that would have created a precedent that they condone players striking women.

Instead, the NFL and Goodell want us to believe that Rice is the guy that has not had any brushes with the law until this crime. Rice was indeed that guy but that was before he acted a like a caveman and assaulted his wife.

Why. Why did Goodell issue a slap to Rice’s wrist as opposed to the more justified discipline?

The reason is the same reason why the NFL only donates a small percentage–less than 10– of jersey sales in October, during Breast Cancer awareness month, to Breast Cancer research. The NFL wants to take in as much money as possible.

Rice is a money maker. Between profits from fantasy football and other marketable entities, Goodell only sees dollar signs when looking at Rice or any high-profile player.

The money that would have been lost with Rice suspended eight games was too great of sacrifice for Goodell to make. By letting Rice off the hook, Goodell not only sends a message that hitting women is to be tolerated but accepted as long as their is money that can be made.

Make no mistake, Thursday was a black mark for the NFL during a time in which fans should be excited for the start of the upcoming season.

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