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What Bulls Fans Should Expect From Doug McDermott

The Chicago Bulls needed offense. They ranked last in scoring this season, and just to belabor the point, they averaged just 90 points a game in getting ousted in the first round by the Washington Wizards. Because of that, they pulled off a trade to acquire the rights to Doug McDermott.

In my pre-draft profile on McDermott, I wrote about how great a shooter he is. In his senior year at Creighton, he put up an incredible 214 three point shots. More incredible was the fact that he made 45% of them. He had a true shooting percentage of 65%, third among all prospects.

Many have brought up a comparison to Kyle Korver, himself a Creighton graduate. I think he may be a little more polished coming out than Korver was. He is not the greatest in terms of athletic ability, but he can put the ball on the floor and get baskets that way.

McDermott has picture-perfect release on his shot. He doesn’t need much space to get his shot off. He will help the Bulls tremendously. The Bulls offense was just anemic, and having a great shooter come off the bench can open things up.

Of course, the prevailing thought among Bulls fans is Carmelo Anthony. Does getting McDermott have an impact on Anthony?

The Bulls had two first round picks in this draft. They were leery of having to sign two rookie first round contracts. They were reportedly in talks with some teams about trading one or both of those picks. They ended up swapping one for two (or three, as they also give up next year’s second round pick as well). They also picked up veteran power forward Anthony Johnson.

The Bulls signaled that they are finally trying to inject some much-needed help to their bad offense. For years, they have had to work hard for their points, and periodically went through stretches without scoring. Adding McDermott can spread the floor out for the drivers, thus getting a few easy shots.

McDermott made his home in Chicago after leaving Creighton. The combine was there, of course, so he decided to move their and he ultimately fell in love with the city. Kover has been his mentor, and he gave McDermott some good reports on the city, the players and coach Thibodeau.

Doug McDermott is a hard worker, so in a blue-collar city like Chicago, he should do well. I wouldn’t expect him to come right out and start, but coming off the bench he can provide a lot of buckets and energy. Hopefully, he is the first part of the transformation of the Bulls into a title contender.

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