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How Does Bairstow Fit In With Bulls?

The Bulls selected Cameron Bairstow in the second round of yesterday’s NBA draft. Bairstow is a 6-10, 252 pound bruiser who loves to bang in the post. He also has a good jump shot, so he can also take his man out of the post and open up lanes.

I wrote about Bairstow in my pre-draft prospect profile, so you can read more about him there.

The Bulls traded to get Doug McDermott in the first round to improve their anemic offense. In drafting Bairstow, they add to that improvement. Bairstow averaged 24.8 points per-40 minutes and grabbed 9 rebounds.

Bairstow is also an efficient player. His true shooting percentage was 61.1% in his senior season.

With the Bulls, Bairstow can bring energy and scoring off the bench. He is an extremely hard worker. He was known to work out after games, still in his uniform. This is a guy coach Tom Thibodeau is going to love.

While Bairstow showed a good touch during the season, he really did well during the NBA Combine (he shot 60% from the NBA-three). That shot will help him when he pump fakes and drives to the hoop.

“It’s something that teams really haven’t been expecting, given the fact that I didn’t shoot many this year,” Bairstow told the Albuquerque Journal earlier this month. “I’m showing I can be consistent and accurate from the 15- to 18-foot range, and in the future I can really start working on bringing that back out (to NBA 3-point range) and add that to my game.”

Don’t get it wrong, however. Bairstow is all about the physical game. He loves to throw his body around. In an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, former Connecticut Huskie (and now Miami Heat) point guard Shabazz Napier commented on Bairstow’s play.

“He was definitely talented,” Napier said. “He was big. The other big guys playing up against him, it was kind of tough. They weren’t as big as he was. I wouldn’t say dominating, but he was definitely getting his fair share.”

Bairstow was the second consecutive New Mexico Lobo drafted by the Bulls. Tony Snell was drafted last year. The Bulls also drafted former Lobo and fellow Australian Luc Longley, who helped the Bulls win three titles.

Cameron Bairstow will win some fans with his play. He is all energy and hard work. The Chicago fans are going to appreciate his efforts.


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