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NBA Rumors: Arron Afflalo Traded To The Denver Nuggets

There were reports over the weekend that the Bulls were in talks with the Orlando Magic for Arron Afflalo. Well, now comes word that the Magic ended up trading Afflalo to the Denver Nuggets for guard Evan Fournier and tonight’s 56th pick.  

Obviously, talks broke down between the Magic and the Bulls. Afflalo could have been the shooting guard Bulls fans have been waiting for to run alongside Derrick Rose and company.

The Bulls are going to make a pitch to Carmelo Anthony, so some wondered how picking up Afflalo would affect their run at Anthony. Well, no need to think about that now.

It is a bit of a homecoming for Afflalo. He played his first five seasons in Denver before being included in the four-team trade involving Dwight Howard.

The Magic have been stockpiling good, young players, and this trade adds to that. Fournier is a 21-year old guard from France. The Magic will also add to their young squad in tonight’s draft with the 4th, 12th, and now the 56th picks.

The Bulls are still expected to be active in tonight’s draft. They have two first round picks, but they do not want to add rookie contracts to the team as it goes for Anthony. They are looking for a veteran shooter, so those picks can be dangled for someone to take.

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