Feb 7, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Denver Nuggets small forward Anthony Randolph (15) guards New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. The New York Knicks won the game 117-90. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2014: Chicago Bulls Acquire Anthony Randolph In Trade With Denver Nuggets

The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks may just be working on a sign-and-trade involving Carmelo Anthony.

During the NBA Draft on Thursday night, the news was first reported that the Bulls traded three draft picks (No. 16, No. 19, and a future second round draft pick) to the Denver Nuggets for Doug McDermott. McDermott was the No.11 overall selection by the Nuggets.

It seemed off that the Bulls traded away three draft picks for McDermott despite the fact that move cleared salary cap space.

Well, the pieces are starting to be pieced together.

In addition to McDermott, the Bulls will also be acquiring Anthony Randolph from the Nuggets.

That would be where things get interesting for the Bulls.

Randolph, a 24-year old small/power forward making $1.825 million next season, is not a fit for the Bulls.

With that in mind, Randolph appears to be a part of a sign-and-trade involving another team.

This is where the Knicks come into play.

Randolph started the 2010-2011 season with the Knicks. The Knicks reluctantly included Randolph in a three way trade that season with the Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves that season that resulted in the Knicks acquiring…Carmelo Anthony.

The same Carmelo Anthony that opted out of his contract with the Knicks this past Monday. And, the same Carmelo Anthony that has been rumored to be leaving the Knicks once free agency starts on July 1.

Realizing that Anthony is leaving it is possible that Knicks began working out a sign-and-trade with the Bulls. If that is the case, then Randolph would be an ideal candidate for the Knicks. Randolph’s $1.825 million contract expires after the 2014-2015 season. Randolph’s expiring contract would seem to fall in line with the Knicks’ rebuilding plans.

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  • tdh

    I don’t think this is for Carmelo. I think this might be a deal to dump Boozer. The move in Orlando seems suspicious too. Afflalo was worth way more than what they got. Who was Orlando trading with? Denver. I think this is an agreed deal. Anthony Randolph and Boozer possibly going to Orlando for Expiring deals of Maxiel, Nelson, and others? This would make dumping easier for Chicago, or to include in a sign and trade with NY for Melo since NY could waive all that payroll.

    • Leroy Boyd

      Why would they have to make a deal to dump Boozer if its not for Melo? I dont think the Bulls plan include any one but Melo. Any other deal takes away money for Melo

      • tdh

        Boozer will need to be traded for Melo, or amnestied to sign Melo. Amnesty puts Chicago below the cap and they lose the MLE which is their only way to bring over Mirotic. So, they need to stay over the cap, and trade Boozer also. Don’t expect NY to take Boozer at PF making $16.8M. They already have Amare and Bargnani combined making about $34M both at PF. That would mean they have $50M in just the PF position and none of those guys are any good and they are all old by NBA standards. Chicago might choose to dump Boozer now for non-guaranteed contracts like Maxiel, Nelson, Lamb, O’Quinn, Price, etc with Orlando. They could get contracts before the July 1st free agency that keep them over the cap for now, and if they S&T give those contracts to NY to waive later on their side. Picks have no value in trades, so something must be sent in a S&T scenario to balance the trade value. If they fail to get Melo or NY will not work with Chicago for a trade, they can waive these guys.clearing cap space and wait for next year on Mirotic. Chicago needs to keep the threat that they can sign Melo without NY participating, this makes the leverage of NY in the negotiation as small as possible. If they know the Bulls need NY to get Melo, then they will push to get a ton of picks and young talent and Chicago would have very little option but to give up a ton for Melo.

        • Leroy Boyd

          All that sounds nice but so many articles have been written saying amnestying boozer and trading Dunleavy would open up money for Melo but I think the Bulls have plans to use others in a possible trade if they have to in getting Melo I dont think anyone is going to trade for Boozer. The Bulls sre going to have to dump him.

          I dont think the Bulls or Melo want to tear up the role players that can and will be needed to win the title. We will know shortly with FA coning up Tuesday

    • charles bent

      wrong brother, very wrong lol. the bulls are most def targeting melo and only melo


    the bulls are obviously looking to get melo before anybody else has a chance and its probably mutual interest or randolph would not be coming to the bulls ina trade


    Randolph is a scrub. Knicks didn’t “reluctantly” trade him. Who writes this crap? Bulls have to bend over if they want Melo. Lol @ Randolph, just lol.