Feb 16, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Eastern Conference forward Carmelo Anthony (7) of the New York Knicks is introduced before the 2014 NBA All-Star Game at the Smoothie King Center. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Are The Odds On Favorite For Carmelo Anthony

Despite the fact that LeBron James became an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, the Chicago Bulls are not wavering from their stance of Carmelo Anthony being their top priority.

According to Sportsbook, the Bulls are the odds on favorite to acquire Anthony this summer.

Here are the odds that Sportsbook has for what team Anthony will sign with this summer:

  • Bulls 2/5
  • New York Knicks 13/5
  • Houston Rockets 5/1
  • Miami Heat 6/1
  • Dallas Mavericks 15/1
  • Los Angeles Lakers 20/1
  • Los Angeles Clippers 25/1
  • Boston Celtics 40/1

The odds do not really differ from what has been reported recently. The Bulls, Knicks, and Rockets are the consensus top three suitors for Anthony. Though, over the course of the past 24 hours, many have seemed to have discredit the notion of the Bulls acquiring Anthony this summer.

Anthony is the Bulls’ summer. It’s that simple. If the Bulls do not acquire Anthony this summer, then anything else they do with the exception of trading for Kevin Love would be considered a failure.

Failure is something that the Bulls’ front office has grown accustom to when trying to persuade free agents to come to Chicago. Their most recent failure was in 2010 when they swung and missed on each of the top three free agents that summer in James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade.

Anthony is the home run that the Bulls’ front office needs.

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  • Godfather

    This is the time the Bulls front office needs to come through and land a true superstar. Make it happen GarPax!

    • Leroy Boyd

      I dont think this Melo move has anything to do with GarPax its all on Melo. The entire basketball world feels he is the right fit for the Bulls and the Bulls are the right fit for him.

      But will Melo make the decision to join the Bulls without tearing up the role players who can make winning a title.

      • Godfather

        I hear ya, but nonetheless, the Bulls front office has failed multiple times to land big talent. They dumbed into D. Rose and have swung and missed when trying for big time talent. Not too mention the icy relationship they have with Coach Thibs. From a fans perspective, the front office needs to come through.

        • Leroy Boyd

          I dont know about that this front office was hood winked like all other teams with Bron Wade and Bosh who form that idea 4 years ago they not only played every team but they had already decided they were going to play together.

          Now as for dumbing into Rose it would only hsve been dumb if they had not taken him.

          Now if you wsnt to go back into the past Jerry Krause is the one who could never get a major FA to come to Chicago.

          Again you cant blame Pax or Gar if they cant secure Melo it’s all on Melo the entire basketball world knows the best fit for Melo is the Bulls. I am sure the Bulls are going to trade amnesty and not resign players to make sure they have a decent salary to sign Melo.

          I think the Bulls are trying to pull a major move by trying to get both love and melo.

  • J Taylor

    I’d take a step back from the Melo hype.
    It seems like a good fit, but the fact that D.Rose picked Love over Melo says a lot — and don’t think it went unnoticed by Melo. I’m not certain that Melo and Rose can co-exist as Rose is an alpha male type.

    AND, beyond everything else, the team would have to gut itself to get Melo and create a Big-3. Which is a lot riding on 3 players who have some sort ailment every season…. – Didn’t Melo learn from his Knicks trade that gutted itself to accommodate him?

  • Julie CzerwinWeaver

    I think Melo wants to come to Chicago. I also believe if he has the chance to play with Lebron and Howard in Houston..how will he turn that down? It’s all coming down to the draft, Lebron optd out to let Pat Riley due what he does best and make a younger better team and then return. However, he will explore his options and Houston making this Asik and trade right before the draft is putting the Bulls in a situation to either move a pick or pick over seas players to keep money for Melo. I honestly, do not see alot happening. I do see bringing Mirotic over and that about it.