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Chicago Bulls 2014 NBA Draft Profile: Kyle Anderson

In our continuing series profiling possible Chicago Bulls’ picks, we will profile Kyle Anderson.

Anderson is an intriguing prospect coming out of UCLA. He is 6-9, 230 pounds, and is listed as a forward. For most of this past season, however, Anderson played POINT GUARD. Yes, a 6-9 point guard in Los Angeles, He has the ability to play against either guard slots and either forward slots as well.

Anderson has a wingspan of 7-2.5, so he is able to go over the top of just about anyone. He has great floor vision, and he has a tremendous basketball IQ. He has a good shot 48% from the field last season, and 48% from three. Per-40 minutes played, he averaged 17.6 points per game, dished out 7.8 assists, grabbed 10.5 rebounds and had 2.1 steals.

As you can see, Anderson gives any coach some great versatility. He can score some for you, grab some rebounds, and facilitate the offense. He puts his intelligence to good use, doing a great job of finding the open guy, or taking his man off the dribble. With him at the helm, UCLA’s offense was the 13th most efficient in all of college basketball.

Defensively, Anderson’s long arms cause nightmare on opposing offenses. His wingspan helps make up for his slow first step and lateral movement. He also plays too upright on defense and quicker guards can blow past him.

One thing Anderson has to decide on is whether he just wants to play point guard only, or become a Scottie Pippen-type of player who can play multiple positions. He feels most comfortable as a point guard, but in the NBA he could have some trouble if he just plays the one position. Playing multiple positions would add so much versatility to a team.

With the Bulls specifically, having Anderson can take some pressure off of Derrick Rose. If they play together for stretches, he adds another playmaker on the court who can facilitate for Rose. Anderson can help the Bulls get some easy buckets, something the Bulls are severely lacking right now.

Kyle Anderson may be too intriguing to pass on for the Bulls. He can add versatility to the offense, and can help the Bulls be more efficient on offense. Even though he may have some deficiencies on defense, hard work and good coaching can help him develop. He could be a very good pickup for the Bulls.



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