Jun 7, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Fans catch Chicago Cubs left fielder Junior Lake (not pictured) home run against the Miami Marlins during the seventh inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs Pre-Game Notes: Throwback Unis, Win Streak, and More

The Chicago Cubs will take the field on Sunday and attempt to do something that team has not done since the 2011 season. If the Cubs come away with a win over the Miami Marlins on Sunday, it will be the first time since the 2011 season that the Cubs have won 6 games in a row.

  • Win Streak 

The Cubs currently are enjoying a five game winning streak. Of course, because it is Cubs, nothing can ever be enjoyed for what it is. As opposed to enjoying the quality play from the Cubs this past week, many are concerned with what this win streak means for the team’s long-term plans.

The concern is for not. The Cubs’ winning streak has no impact on the team’s long-term plans. In fact, the winning streak may fit into the plans of the Cubs’ front office. The Cubs’ front office has been patient in their handling of the team’s prospects. Many fans, however, are clamoring for prospects like Javier Baez and Kris Bryant to be promoted to the Major League level. The reason why fans are clamoring for such a promotion is because the Major League team has not been winning. The lack of winning has led to a lack of entertainment from fans. Therefore, fans want to be entertained by watching the team’s top prospects at Wrigley Field.

But remember the famous Ozzie Guillen quote, “winning is fun and fun is winning.” Under that philosophy, winning enables entertainment. Meaning the need for the likes of Bryant and Baez would be less apparent.

  • Throwback Uniforms 

In their celebration of the 1940s during this homestand, the Cubs will be wearing their 1942 throwback uniforms on Sunday against the Marlins.

  • WBBM to Benefit From Cubs? 

This Cubs winning streak got me thinking about the future. WGN Radio’s bigwig scolded the Cubs for leaving and signing with CBS Radio. In the scolding of the Cubs, the team was singled out for their drop in ratings. The drop in ratings for Cubs’ games on WGN Radio is synonymous with when the Cubs’ started their rebuild.

The Cubs’ rebuild figures to be complete within the next two seasons. With WBBM controlling the Cubs’ radio rights beginning in 2015, the radio station figures to benefit from the deal. Because once the Cubs starting winning again, the Cubs’ radio ratings will soar. A scenario that likely is the reason why WBBM jumped in bed with the Cubs when they did.

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