Mar 28, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) runs on the court in the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls Have Outbid The Boston Celtics For Kevin Love

While the Minnesota Timberwolves trading Kevin Love this summer is far from a certainty, reports indicate that the Timberwolves have begun receiving trade offers for Love.

According to a report from ESPN Boston, the Chicago Bulls currently have a better trade offer on the table for Love than the Boston Celtics.

[ESPN Boston]

The Timberwolves privately maintain they already have fielded better offers from other teams, among them the Chicago Bulls, who can offer draft picks and some combination of Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson along with Carlos Boozer, whose bloated $16.8 million contract expires next summer and represents the kind of cap space rebuilding teams crave.

While the report did not indicate what the Bulls’ offer was, chances are the offer includes Boozer’s expiring contract along with Butler and one, if not, both of the team’s first round draft picks.

The interesting part about the negotiations between the Bulls and Timberwolves is if the Bulls can find a way to not include Gibson in their offer. In an ideal world, the Bulls would prefer to trade Boozer’s expiring contract over a potential starter in Gibson. The question becomes whether the Timberwolves prefer to have cap space to enable a rebuild or a player like Gibson to go along with the rebuild.

Love is one of the Bulls’ top priorities this summer. Love and free agent-to-be Carmelo Anthony have been identified as the Bulls’ top two targets this summers.

With draft being at the end of June, if the Bulls are going to have a chance at acquiring Love, the team will need to complete a trade before then.


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  • Leroy Boyd

    Ok now with that possible deal will the Bulls have money to pull of another deal which would land them Melo as well? So trading Taj Butler and 2 Picks getting Boozer off the Books again this lead to a signing of Melo as well

  • Julie CzerwinWeaver

    The Knicks traded everything they had to get Melo, now they are having a horrible time catching up to playoff level and getting players for that matter., we all no the collective bargaining deal and the Bulls are very , I wont say smart, but tight with their money and they will not put themselves in a situation that Dolan put the Knicks in. If the Bulls try to get them both, then it would be a disaster. They cannot pay Rose, Noah, Love and Melo., c’mon. I do not believe the Bulls will give up their Roster for Melo and Love. That will put Rose out sooner than later and Noah as well. I believe Love is the best option, if they except the Bulls offer.
    Personally being a Bulls fan for so long, I do not see a whole lot going on this season. Maybe Love or Mirrotic, but that will be all. Not saying that is not huge, but we will not see a lot of changes in my opinion.