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Chicago Baseball Needs Carlos Rodon

Let me start off by saying this, Carlos Rodon shouldn’t be available by the time the Chicago White Sox or Chicago Cubs pick. While Brady Aiken is almost a sure-fire no.1 overall pick right now, if Rodon gets past the second pick, it will be shocking to me. But Chicago baseball fans should both be salivating over possibly getting the most MLB ready player in the entire draft, and the best lefty in the draft as of right now.

Both teams would be smart to actively walk over to the Houston Astros and Miami Marlins if the teams pass on Rodon. While the Astros would get Aiken if they don’t select Rodon, the Marlins would just be insane to pass on Rodon, which could help create one of the best 1-2 punches in baseball, along with Jose Fernandez. But pitchers are always a risky pick this high in a draft, just look at the numerous busts taken at the top in recent years. This gives hope that the Marlins will pass on him, and one of the Chicago teams will grab him.

Rodon throws a high-90’s Four-Seam Fastball and a low-90’s Two-Seamer. He also has a quick-moving Slider and a great Change-up that he can use. His Four-Seamer has been clocked as high as 98 MPH. If you can combine Rodon’s speed and velocity with Chris Sale, you have two devastatingly powerful pitchers in the same rotation, which should scare most teams. If he goes to the Cubs, he’s a perfect partner for Jeff Samardzija, who also uses a great Two-Seamer, yet isn’t as powerful on a consistent basis as Rodon.

While I wouldn’t expect either team to nab Rodon in the draft, it would be a great pick-up, and in my opinion Rodon will end up as the best player from this draft, barring injuries or unforeseen improvements by lower-level players taken deep in the draft.

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