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Great 8 Chicago WWE Moments, #3: Vince Fires Austin


With WWE Payback taking place Sunday, June 1, WWE fan/expert David Ridderhoff will take a look at the eight greatest WWE moments in Chicago’s history. This moment is rated third.

Judgement Day: In Your House took place at the Rosemont Horizon in 1998. The main event is something of legend, Undertaker v. Kane with the screwed over Stone Cold Steve Austin as guest referee. The match its self had no stipulation, but the match was huge for another reason. If Austin didn’t raise the hand of the winner and name them WW(F)E Champion, then Vince McMahon would fire Austin. Everyone knew the Texas Rattlesnake wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The match its self wasn’t spectacular. It featured a turn, as Kane’s manager and newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer hit Kane with a steel chair, only for Kane to attack Bearer and get hit with a steel chair by Undertaker. When Undertaker pinned Kane, Austin did nothing. Then, Austin told Undertaker to pin Kane again, but instead hit him with his infamous Stunner and counted both men out. He then grabbed a microphone and declared himself the winner.

McMahon was no where to be found, until the Titan-tron was raised and showed McMahon and his henchman, Big Boss Man. McMahon tried to talk to Austin, while also dealing with over 18,000 Chicago fans calling him an “A**hole.” McMahon then did what many thought would be impossible, and said to Austin, “Austin, screw you, you’re fired.”

Austin eventually kidnapped McMahon, brought him to the ring, and shot him with a gun, one that read “Bang 3:16″. McMahon literally wet his pants during the segment, and eventually Austin was re-hired by McMahon’s son, Shane. So sure, this moment doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it was a huge moment for WWE fans who thought there was no chance that McMahon would fire his biggest draw, and the fan’s favorite superstar.

Some moments you’ve seen on the list so far may be more important in the long run, but seeing as the moment its self was spectacular and shocking, and showed just how powerful McMahon was, while also showing the true colors of Austin in the coming weeks, it’s a major moment in WWE history, yet only good enough for no.3 in Chicago’s history.

Tune in tomorrow at Noon for the runner-up, no.2 greatest moment in Chicago WWE history.

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