May 12, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce (34) drives to the basket against Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) in the first half in game four of the second round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency Rumors: Chicago Bulls Interested In Paul Pierce?

The Chicago Bulls are looking to address their need for scoring this summer and may look towards a familiar foe for a resolution.

According to a report from the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Bulls could be interested in Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce.

The former Boston Celtic, Pierce, was a key figure in the Bulls rivalry with the Celtics when the two teams were at the top of the Eastern Conference.

Pierce is set to become a free agent in July after completing his first season with the Nets. With the Nets this past season, Pierce averaged 13.5 points per game while shooting 45% from the field.

There has been some talk that Pierce could return to Boston to play out the rest of his career. Though, with the Celtics continuing their rebuild, it would seem that a Boston-Pierce reunion is unlikely.

Pierce is not the greatest of fits with the Bulls. While there is a Boston connection between Pierce and Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau, the 36-year old Pierce is the not the greatest of fits because of his age. The Bulls need to a build a starting rotation around Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah that can last for the long-term. Adding Pierce would only interfere with that agenda.

The only scenario where Pierce may be a conceivable option for the Bulls is if the team misses out on Carmelo Anthony and fails to bring over Nikola Mirotic.

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    Of course this is for off the bench

    • Leroy Boyd

      If he signs with the Bulls he starts and Dunleavy comes off the bench. Plus if the Bulls sign him they will have enough money to bring Mirotic over.


        The bulls are not stupid enough to sign him to start lol

        • Leroy Boyd

          So you think Thibs will start Dunleavy over Pierce?

          • KING HARVEY

            What makes u think Dunleavy will still be here lmaooo

          • Leroy Boyd

            He has a year left on his contract and I dont hear any rumors about Dunleavy leaving accept in the event he is used in getting Melo to Chicago.

            Furthermore if Dunleavy is gone who is going to start at the SF for the Bulls? Dunleavy aint going no where unless the Bulls get Melo. Amnesty of Boozer and trading Dunleavy will get the Bulls to 19 plus mil to use in hoping to secure Melo. Other than that I have heard no rumors about Dunleavy being used in a trade.

          • KING HARVEY

            But your just arguing for no reason anything u say can be easily countered
            You can say they not going for paul pierce unless they get melo! The reality is just that and the bulls don’t have to go melo or bust there are multiple options the bulls can take at small forward .

            Like Deng,Hayward, or go SG and get Stepheson and move Butler to his natural position of small forward. You acting like the pierce deal is in the clutch signing moments .,it’s a rumor like all the rest

            Fact is bulls know that if the get melo they need to stack this team up with vet minimal contracts or other team based cap related contracts like the bi annual or the mid level and a couple other ones I can remember off the top of my done but are like 2.3 million for 2 years that help teams against the cap. If the bulls sign pierce it is because of THAT REASON AND THAT ALONE

          • Leroy Boyd

            If I said they will only go after pierce if they get Melo if I said that it was truly a mistake there is no way the Bulls can get pierce if they sign Melo. The only way pierce csb become a Bull is the Bulls DON’T sign Melo. The Bulls are not going t I bust if they don’t get Melo in fact no Melo I believe they will bring Mirotic over.

            All these guys you mention Hayward, Stephenson and Deng are all looking for 15 mil or higher contracts and no way will the Bulls give that much to someone who cant raise them past the Heat and win a title.

            As for these.mid level players you are trying to recall the Bulls are not going to invest 5 mil or higher in guys who are role players

            I am sure the Bulls have a secondary plan if Melo decides n It to become a Bull. I sm pretty sure they are looking for a PG since they know DJ may get a huge offer a nd several years. I am not worried about Melo or any other FA until something happens nothing but a lot of speculation on who the Bulls might get.

            Now as for you countering anything I say thats no big deal to me its all opinions anyone can challenge what someone says I wont be upset if you diagree with my opinion. As for arguing lol on a chat site please I am above that like I said it’s all about opinions nothing else.

          • KING HARVEY

            Lmaoooooo u dude you are incredibly wrong deng said himself he would take 11 mil when they offered it to him ..Hayward is at around 13 million
            Lmaooo dude stop you writing all these things like they fact and anybody who paying any real attention to the nba can see that you actually are a bit clueless on the numbers

            Paul pierce can be had at the VET MINIMAL last year showing he is to old to Start let along be paid anything more then 3 mil I also put up many options for paying piece outside the vet minimal that don’t exceed 3 million.

            These are facts

            Btw deng has also stated he is willing to come back to the bulls for less then the 11 mil they offered him

          • Leroy Boyd

            I think you have been reading from some fantasy magazine the Bulls offered Deng 30 mil for 3 years and he turned it down there was never any 11 mil offer. 30 mil for 3 years equal 10 per year I am sure you know how to use division.

            What makes you think Pierce can be had for the vet minimal? How did you determine that? I am sure Pierce will have several teams wanting his service. Again how did you determine that Pierce is to old to start how you came to that decision I have no idea.

            I have never read anything whereas Deng said he would come back to the Bulls and again he was never offer 11 mil the Bulls offered 10 mil per year and he turned it down now you are saying he will come back for something he was never offered.

            Come on man get your facts correct. You are currently in your own mind as to what Pierce will be offered and how he will play and to think Deng will come back to the Bulls for an offer he was never offered you my friend again get your facts right

          • Leroy Boyd

            You think the Bulls would pay hayward 13 mil a year more than Noah and Gibson you know nothing about the Bulls to think they would give him that amount of money when they can bring the best player in Europe over for less than half that. How long have you been a fan of the Bulls?