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Chicago Bulls Should Add More Lower-Level Stars, Not One Major Star

This could end up being a huge of-season for the Chicago Bulls. With possible turmoil in Miami and Indiana being home to an NBA team that is inconsistent as can be, the future may hold NBA Championships for the Bulls, if they play their cards right. While many have visions of Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love wearing a Bulls’ jersey, which would be pretty awesome. But what if the Bulls don’t even try to get those two, but instead shift their efforts to gaining some very solid free agents during the Summer, and gain some depth players that will make their already solid team, just that much better? In my opinion, the team needs to a combination of shooters and big guys. With the impending dismissal of Carlos Boozer, the only players worth anything in the post are now already starting. There are some good big men

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that probably won’t cost the Bulls too much. Andray Blatche may decline his player option, and could be a free agent. Blatche has averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds a game for the past two seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. Blatche is a great option for a sixth man, and could take Taj Gibson‘s bench spot perfectly. Another older option is Jermaine O’Neal, who still gets a good number of rebounds, despite dealing with injuries often. As Co-Editor Jordan Campbell noted, the team may just fall back on Shawn Marion, who is still a good option at this point in his career. As far as shooters go, there’s one guy who the team should definitely

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consider, despite his age and decline in talent, averages 10 points per game every season. That former superstar is Vince Carter. If the Bulls want a man who can create his own shots, Carter is the guy. He still has so much to offer offensively, and will until the day he retires. One guy most people would love to have, just to steal him from the team’s biggest rival, is Mario Chalmers. Chalmers has always been a three-point specialist, and would also provide a solid second option if Derrick Rose goes down again next season. Chalmers can shoot, score and provide a clutch jumper in crunch time. While the Anthony-Love debate is great, and we should all hope the Bulls get one of those two, let’s not forget all of the lower-level free agents that can help the team tremendously. Carter or Blatche may be the missing ingredient to a championship recipe.

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