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Pacers-Heat: Who Do Bulls' Fan Root For?

As far as Chicago Bulls fans go, there is no Eastern Conference Final in the NBA this year. They’re biggest divisional rival, ever since the Detroit Pistons decided to be mediocre at best, and they’re biggest rival due to skill and maybe just a bit of jealousy are playing each other. When the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat play in a best-of-7 series to decide who goes to the NBA Finals, I for one am going to pretend that series isn’t happening. But if you are watching the series, who should you root for?

The Pacers are the favorites for fans of the Bulls, but let’s not forget the fact that they’re a hated division rival. What happened to us hating the Pacers after Reggie Miller got into a legitimate fist fight with Michael Jordan? Or when their overly-physical play in Game 3 in 2011 started a fight? Why does all of that get thrown down the drain just because the Heat have LeBron James?

Of course, everyone remembers Nazr Mohammad‘s infamous shove of James last season, showing that those two teams also have a lot of animosity. In my opinion, the Bulls’ games against the Heat have been more emotionally driven than those against the Pacers, however, I’m not sure they should be.

If worse comes to worse, just go ahead and avoid this series all together like I am, but if you are going to watch the series, let us know who you will be rooting for and why in the comment section below.

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